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SRJC Linux Accounts Acceptable Use Policy Accessing the Servers Using Linux Basic Unix Commands Generating A Secure Password Application for Student Linux Account

The two computers, "Staff" and "Student" are maintained by SRJC Computing Services Department.
Both computers are dual Pentium III's running @ 866 MHz with 1GB ram.
The operating system (OS) is Redhat Enterprise Edition
The disk subsytems are running RAID 1 for the OS disks and RAID 5 for the data disks.

If you are a current SRJC staff, faculty, or student, you are eligible for a Linux account.
These machines offer many Internet services, including:
email (pine and elm)
secure shell remote logins (ssh)
secure file transfer (sftp)
a text based web browser (lynx).

To request an account, you can use the computers at these locations on campus:
Business Computer Lab (Maggini Hall - 2nd floor),
CIS Lab (Maggini Hall - 3rd floor)
Multicurricular Lab (Barnett Hall)
Mahoney Library (Petaluma Campus)
Plover Library (Santa Rosa Campus)
Computer Kiosks in Admissions (Coddingtown, Santa Rosa, Petaluma)

You can apply from any computer connected to the internet using a web browser.
NOTE:Staff members who need access to the Staff server should call the help desk at Ext. 1765.

Application for Linux Account Form.

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