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local industry and education advisory board

Board Members

Jeanne Acuña
Assistant Principal
Cali Calmécac Language Academy 

Younes Ataiiyan
Instructor & Academic Advisor, Physics
Santa Rosa Junior College 

Yas Baradaran Neuberger
R & D Engineer

Inez Barragan
Director, EOPS/CARE
Santa Rosa Junior College

Vince Bertsch
Instructor & Academic Advisor, Engineering
Santa Rosa Junior College

Nicole Corcoran
Director & Counselor, Transfer Center
Santa Rosa Junior College

Chuck Corley
Principal Engineer
National Instruments

Karen Frindell Teuscher
Dean, STEM Departments
Santa Rosa Junior College

Ellie Gálvez Hard
Professor, Literacy, Elementary & Early Education
Sonoma State University

Liz Giron
Coordinator & Counselor, Puente Project
Santa Rosa Junior College

Carlos Gonzalez
Manufacturing Engineering

KC Greaney
Director, Institutional Research
Santa Rosa Junior College

Izabela Kanaana
Professor, Mathematics
Sonoma State University

Sandra Nieto
MESA Faculty Sponsor, Mathematics
Santa Rosa Junior College

Rebeca Ramirez
NPI Manager
USA Enphase Energy

Roberto Ramirez
Retired Educator

Darci Rosales
MESA CCP Coordinator
Santa Rosa Junior College

Margaret Sanchez
MESA CCP Coordinator
Mendocino Community College 

Lynn Stauffer
Dean & Professor, School of Science and Technology
Sonoma State University

Rocky Vogler
Associate Civil Engineer
Town of Windsor

Jeff Weber
Public Affairs Manager
Agilent Technologies

Krystle Ybarra
MESA Schools Program
Santa Rosa Junior College

Luis Zamudio
Assistant Engineer
California Water Service Company

Susanne Zechiel
Client Services Manager
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Engineers & Scientists


        For more than 30 years, MESA has partnered with education and industry to meet California's need for qualified engineers, scientists, and computer scientists. MESA relies on industry and education professionals to provide career guidance to students, to act as career role models and mentors, and to advance MESA's overall objective - to increase the number of graduates earning a bachelor of science degree in a STEM discipline.

MESA Profile (Academic Year 2009-2010):

  • Total students served by MESA - 21,207
    - Pre-college - 15,259
    - Community College - 3,694
    - University level - 2,254

  • Collaborations with Educational Institutions:
    - University of California campuses - 6
    - California State University campuses - 11
    - California Community College campuses - 33
    - Independent college and university campuses - 4

The partnership of MESA, industry, and education has led to impressive outcomes. For example:

  • Of the California MESA community college students who transferred to four-year institutions, 100% entered these colleges and universities as math or science majors.
  • Of the California MESA community college students who transferred to four year institutions,
    - 43% transferred to the University of California
    - 49% transferred to the California State University
    - 8% transferred to independent California universities and colleges, out-of-state universities and colleges, and others.

  • Of the 130 MESA community college students enrolled at SRJC for AY2010-2011, 39% transferred to a four-year institution for fall 2012 and 98% persisted in a STEM major:
    - 29% transferred to a University of California campus
    - 57% transferred to a California State University campus
    - 14% transferred to a private or out-of-state school.

According to the Community College League of California (2012), in 2009-2010, 54% of the CSU graduates and 28% of the UC graduates began their college years at a community college and upon transferring to either four-year institution, obtained GPAs equal to, or better than, “native” UC or CSU students and graduated at rates comparable to “native” UC and CSU students.

Industry Welcomes MESA Grads

Increasing STEM knowledge and expanding STEM education and career opportunities for community college students is a national priority. Student achievement in STEM is key to foster innovators who can creatively address complex 21st century challenges and community colleges play an important role in the pathway to STEM degrees. The following descriptors quantify the challenge and illustrate how MESA contributes to a solution:

  • By 2014, about 2 million STEM-related jobs will be created; currently, only 1 in 18 workers in America are in STEM fields. Workers with a STEM background have earned about 26% more, with engineers earning some of the highest average beginning salaries for bachelor’s degrees (National Environmental Education Foundation, 2012)

  • STEM community college to UC transfer students account for 48% of UC’s bachelor’s degrees in STEM (2012 Community College League of California)

  • Demand for STEM professionals will remain robust with fastest growth in biomedical, civil, environmental, industrial and petroleum engineering (2010 Bureau of a Labor Statistics)

  • International trends in engineering demonstrate a rapid increase in the production of new engineers in large nations like China and India; US underrepresented minorities (African Americans, Latinos, and American/Alaska natives) represent an untapped talent pool in the United States (NACME)

  • Latinos represent 6 percent of the U.S. engineering workforce, but account for 14% of the overall U.S. workforce (NACME, Latinos in Engineering, July 2011)

  • The number and percent of engineering bachelor’s degrees earned by African Americans has declined since 2005; the number earned by African American women has declined since 2002 (NACME, African Americans in Engineering, February 2011)

  • MESA has been recognized by the White House, the Ford Foundation, and Harvard University for its innovation and mentoring success in the engineering, science and mathematics.


The MESA Community College Program at Santa Rosa Junior College seeks expertise in these vital fields from local industry representatives. If you are interested in serving on the MESA Local Industry and Education Advisory Board, contact:

Darci Rosales
MESA Community College Program Coordinator

Santa Rosa Junior College
1501 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 524-1859

Santa Rosa Junior College is officially accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges