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2013 Spring -WOLM Lectures for Nella Larsen's PASSING

Below are the descriptions for each program.

Once the videos are available, the Title will appear as a link to YouTube (if internet permision by presenter was granted).

Also the DVD Call #s for in-library viewing number will be posted when they are available.

Passing with Purpose

April 3, Wednesday 12:00 to 1:00 in Newman Auditorium

Lauren Servais & Angela Romagnoli, English Dept. Faculty - In this presentation, Lauren Servais and Angela Romagnoli open up a dialogue with students around the concept of 'passing'. Angela and Lauren both share personal experiences with 'passing' in their own lives and draw connections with Nella Larsen's life and Writing.

Media Services Call #LD-2052

Women Writer’s in a Man’s World: Nella Larsen and the Hidden History of the Harlem Renaissance.

April 8, Monday--12:00 to 1:00 in Newman Auditorium

Ajuan Mance, Professor of English, Mills College-A discussion of Nella Larsen and the hidden history of the Harlem Renaissance. Ajuan Mance is the May Treat Professor of English at Mills College. In addition to many journal articles, she is the author of the book, Inventing Black Women: African American Women’s Poetry and Self Representation. Her latest book, Proud Legacy: The Colored Schools of Malvern, Arkansasand the Community that Made Them was published in 2012

Media Services Call # LD-2053

Documentary Screening of The Loving Story, followed by post-film discussion with Andre LaRue, History Dept. Faculty

April 10, Wednesday--6:00-8:30 in Newman Auditorium

Andre LaRue History Dept. Faculty,Abby Bogomolny, and Anne Marie Insull, English Dept. Faculty

(NOTE The YouTube Segment and DVD do NOT contain the Film. It is only the introductions and Post viewing discussion. The film viewing is only available at the Live event. Also available via HBO-Go{HBO subscribers}, Available to public for purchase after May 28, 2013)

The Loving Story chronicles the experiences of the couple whose plight led to “Loving v. Virginia,” the Supreme Court’s 1967 landmark decision overturning Virginia’s miscegenation laws. This documentation aired on HBO in February, 2012.

Media Services Call # LD-2054

More Than a Catfight:
Fear, Lies, and Social Class in the Lives of Irene Redfield & Clare Kendry

April 17, Wednesday-- 12:00 to 1:00 in Newman Auditorium

Abby Bogomolny, English Department Faculty

Media Services Call # LD-2055

Past Wolm Lectures

2012- Fall - Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

2012- Spring - Dickens: Great Expectations

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