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Media Services primary function is to provide media support to the classroom. Any activity that requires information to be distributed, using sound or light projection, to a group of learners, in a classroom setting, shall be supported by Media Services.

Instructors shall have ready access to a well organized and broad based collection of media software (listening & viewing materials). Equipment shall be in good working order, be available in sufficient quantity and located conveniently. Equipment shall reflect current technologies for California Community Colleges. Operation of the equipment is the responsibility of the instructor. Media Services will provide user training and rapid technical support, in the event of equipment failure.

Original media materials used to enhance a concept shall be produced in a timely manner. The material shall be produced by professional staff, who will work closely with the presenter to determine the best method of presentation.

Support for large group use of campus facilities shall be provided as resources allow. District facilities used for group events shall contain all equipment necessary to support media needs designated for that function. Media Services staff shall be available to operate equipment whenever an event requires it.

Media Services staff shall participate in staff development activities, in order to maintain currency in their field. District human development activities shall be supported as resources allow. Media Services shall be a District resource in the long-range planning process by recommending warranted applications of instructional technology.

Questions or comments about the Media section of the CWIS may be sent to:

Russ Bowden