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SRJC Libraries LibX Toolbar


Library search tools: This toolbar allow you to search the library catalog, periodicals list, citation linker, and Google Scholar at any time while searching the Web.

Embedded Cues and Automatic Links: Toolbar users will see the SRJC logoSRJC Logo included when using Google, Amazon, New York Times Book Reviews and more that will lead to SRJC library holdings. The toolbar automatically links ISBNs, ISSNs, Crossref DOIs, and other standard document numbers to the SRJC resources.

Drag and Drop Searching: Select any text on a web page, drag and drop in the search box, and the tool bar will start a search automatically.

Right-click menu: Right click (or control click on a single button mouse) to see an in-context menu of search options. These menu items change depending on the type of text that is selected.


Browser requirements: Firefox 1.5 or higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Visit our LibX page for more information or click on the links below to begin downloading your toolbar.

Firefox logo  Firefox toolbar download

Internet Explorer logo  IE toolbar download