Women's History Month | Women in Sports E-Book Sampler

Celebrate Women's History Month by learning more about famous female athletes, key legislation that made sports programs in education possible for women, and the issues still facing women in sports today. Explore these E-Books to learn more. SRJC ID and PIN required for off-campus access.


  • Women and Sports in the United States: A Documentary Reader
  • Thirteen Women Strong: The Making of a Team
  • Why She Plays: The World of Women's Basketball
  • No Finish Line: My Life As I See It
  • Worst to First: Or a 'Shock'ing Tale of Women's Basketball in Motown
  • No Girls in the Clubhouse: The Exclusion of Women from Baseball
  • Personal Record: A Love Affair With Running
  • Athletic Intruders: Ethnographic Research on Women, Culture, and Exercise
  • Playing With the Boys: Why Separate Is Not Equal in Sports
  • More Than Title IX: How Equity in Education Has Shaped the Nation