Native American Heritage Month | E-Book Sampler

In November the nation pays tribute to the rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans. Explore the history, literature, folklore, political systems and more in e-books on the Native American experience. Click on a cover image to view an e-book. SRJC ID and PIN required for off campus access.


  • Conversations with Remarkable Native Americans
  • Religion and Hopi Life
  • Legends of American Indian Resistance
  • Navajo Land, Navajo Culture : The Utah Experience in the Twentieth Century
  • American Indian Politics and the American Political System
  • Documents of Native American Political Development: 1500s to 1933
  • Studies in the Literary Achievement of Louise Erdrich, Native American Writer: Fifteen Critical Essays
  • Encyclopedia of American Indian Removal
  • American Indians and the Market Economy, 1775-1850
  • Encyclopedia of American Indian History