Nelson Mandela: A Sampler of Books

Learn more about one of the most inspiring and iconic figures of our age, through the events, hardships and victories experienced by Nelson Mandela. These books offer insight into his remarkable life.

Tree Shaker: The Story of Nelson Mandela

Tree Shaker: The Story of Nelson MandelaIn February 1994, Nelson Mandela visited Robben Island, a desolate rock where he had been a prisoner for 27 years. Days later, his ideals would triumph in an election that changed the climate of oppression in South Africa. This inspiring biography looks at the events that led him from his tribal homeland to the center of the struggle for racial equality in South Africa. This is an Easy Reader.

Mahoney Library Call Number: DT1974 .K45 2008


Nelson Mandela, The Struggle is My Life: His Speeches and Writings Brought Together with Historical Documents and Accounts of Mandela in Prison by Fellow Prisoners

Nelson Mandela: The Struggle Is My Life

Nelson Mandela's speeches and political writings from his days as a leader of the African National Congress Youth League in 1944 until his release from prison in 1990. "Reveals the patience, thoughtfulness and wisdom of the man who is the real leader of South Africa. Especially valuable for the insights into his character and the character of those fighting for freedom in South Africa."

--Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize winner, author of The Color Purple.

Doyle Library Call Number: DT1949.M35 A3 1990


Bring Me My Machine Gun: The Battle for the Soul of South Africa from Mandela to Zuma

Bring Me My Machine Gun:Award-winning journalist Alec Russell was in South Africa to witness the fall of apartheid and the remarkable reconciliation of Nelson Mandela's rule. Drawing on his long relationships with all the key senior figures including Mandela, Mbeki, Desmond Tutu, and Zuma, and a host of South Africans he has known over the years, including former activists turned billionaires and reactionary Boers, Alec Russell's Bring Me My Machine Gun is a beautifully told and expertly researched account of South Africa's great tragedy: the tragedy of hope unfulfilled.

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Mandela: The Authorized Portrait

Mandela: The Authorized PortraitCelebrating the courage, determination, and remarkable humanity of a great man, much of the story in Mandela: The Authorized Portrait is told by those whose very lives he has touched. Drawing on 60 original and extensive interviews with family members, close friends, colleagues, and many of the world's leading figures in politics and entertainment, the book tells the story of Mandela from his birth and early childhood in rural South Africa and his involvement with and eventual leadership of the African National Congress through his 27-year imprisonment and eventual emergence as one of the world's notable leaders and most active agents for change. It is illustrated with 250 images and features material taken from private collections as well as the Nelson Mandela Foundation archives.

Doyle Library, Oversize, Call Number: DT1974 .M348 2006

No Easy Walk to Freedom

No Easy Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela, one of the most famous freedom fighters in the world, is a powerful symbol of hope for oppressed people everywhere. This powerful biography provides an in-depth look at the man who grew up in a rural village in South Africa under racist apartheid rule--a regime he ultimately helped overthrow. The author explores the history of South Africa and its often violent struggle for civil rights, while tracing Mandela's role in that history. Lawyer, leader of the African National Congress, political prisoner who spent 26 years in jail, president--no one else has had such enormous influence on his fellow South Africans . . . or his fellow human beings.

Mahoney Library Call Number: DT763 .M35 1990

Nelson Mandela: A Very Short Introduction

Nelson Mandela: A Very Short Introduction Across his life Mandela has filled a rich range of roles: handsome city-slicker, dashing guerrilla, the millennial saviour figure. By examining these different roles as well as the principles which lie behind and motivate them, this Very Short Introduction presents an analytical portrait of a shape-shifting life. Set within a biographical frame, the book offers a more deeply personal analysis of Mandela than biographies centred on the towering public figure have been able provide.

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