Grandparents Day | E-Book Sampler

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a federal proclamation declaring the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. According to the US Census Bureau, there are over 7 million grandparents in the United States. Learn more about grandparenting and extended families in this e-book sampler. Click on each book cover to view the e-book. SRJC ID and PIN required for off-campus access.


Meet Owen, who loves his grandparents.


  • Grandparents, Grandchildren and the Generation in Between
  • Grandparenting a Child with Special Needs
  • Empowering Grandparents Raising Grandchildren : A Training Manual for Group Leaders
  • Custodial Grandparenting : Individual, Cultural, and Ethnic Diversity
  • Contemporary Grandparenting
  • Families in Later Life : Emerging Themes and Challenges
  • The American Family : Understanding Its Changing Dynamics and Place in Society
  • The New American Grandparent : A Place in the Family, a Life Apart
  • Working with Custodial Grandparents
  • Parenting the Custodial Grandchild : Implications for Clinical Practice