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Daily Life Through History

In Daily Life Through History, students and researchers can discover details about past eras that make historical accounts relevant and meaningful from their modern-day perspectives.

Content available includes:

Daily Life through History One of the many challenges educators face today is finding ways to engage students' imaginations and encourage them to apply critical thinking skills. By examining the details of daily life in past eras, what is often perceived as dry historical information is transformed into engaging material that reveals the true nature of what life was like before.

Daily Life Through History is a unique learning resource. This database explores ordinary life through time and across the globe, bringing the past to life through details that turn flat descriptions of historical characters into human beings that today's students can relate to.

DLtH supports courses in American history and literature and is an outstanding, cross-disciplinary resource for researching historical topics such as American food and cooking, celebrations, clothes, romance, work, religion, housing, language, and social customs. The Idea Exchange section offers informative, scholarly essays focused upon a variety of subjects that are often the basis for community college and undergraduate writing assignments.

Printing is easy and email capabilities to make research and writing projects are convenient, while current MLA, Chicago, and APA citations make the bibliographic process straightforward. The revised arrangement of information provides easy access to overview sections that provide the big picture while integrated reference entries examine specific topics in detail.

Features and Highlights:

  • Compiles information from over 45 Greenwood single and multivolume reference works
  • Idea Exchange sections provide students with the opportunity to model their research writing upon thesis-driven, peer-reviewed essays, posing questions such as "Is 'the family' an essential requirement for a stable society?" and "How was the life of the common person most affected by the Industrial Revolution?"
  • Video and audio files, maps, and images offer fascinating insights into history
  • Offers a fresh slant on core curriculum topics such as literature, social and religious practices, history, art, music, and language
  • Fully indexed and dual-mode cross-searchable content
  • Improved, user-friendly interface makes searching or browsing quick and effective




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