Doyle Library Virtual Tour | Part 3

This tour introduces you to the services and materials the library offers and where to find them. Use the navigation carousel below the main picture to proceed through the tour.

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  • The service desk on this floor is the Reserve Desk with the Reserve Collection. Circulating books N through Z and Oversize Books are on this floor, as well as a Reading Room and study alcoves with beautiful views. Like the other floors, this floor has computer workstations, study tables, group study rooms, restrooms and a Print & Copy Center.

  • The Reserve Desk (707.527.4758) is the only service desk on the fourth floor. Textbooks, articles, recommended readings, old tests and more are placed in the Reserve Collection by SRJC instructors.

  • You must have the call number from the library catalog and a valid SRJC student ID to check out Reserve items. Fines for overdue and lost items do apply. Items may be checked out as follows: Two hours for Library Use Only; Four hours for Out of Library; One or Three days for Out of Library

  • The shelves on fourth floor continue the Circulating Book Collection. The subjects on this floor are represented as: N - Art; P - Language and Literature (The library's Literature collection is one of the largest book sections in the library.); Q - Science, from Math to Chemistry; R - Health and Medicine, including Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy; S - Agriculture and Forestry; T - Technology, including Electronics, Welding and Cooking; U and V - Military Science; Z - Library Science.

  • The library's collection of Oversize Books is the last shelf of Circulating Books, immediately after the Zs. This area contains books too large for regular circulation shelving. Often these books contain pictures and photos. They are good resources for graphics and images. Oversize Books use the same A to Z organization as the rest of the Circulating Book Collection. If you still do not understand how the A to Z subject classification system works, ask a librarian to further explain the Library of Congress system to you.

  • Behind the Reserve Desk at the north end of the library is the fourth floor Reading Room. There is an Oak Tree Sculpture in the hallway as you enter the Reading Room. This Reading Room provides a restful setting with spectacular views. There are comfortable lounge chairs and big study tables.

  • The fourth floor Print & Copy Center is behind the Reserve Desk and to the right. If have trouble printing here, or for any other assistance, ask for help at the Reserve Desk.

  • Along the east wall of the fourth floor are several Study Alcoves, each with a unique view. This image finishes the fourth floor. Use the navigation panel on the right to continue to the first floor of the building.

  • The Doyle Library building houses departments and services on the first floor that are technically not part of the Library Department. The first floor contains Media Services, the Tutorial Center and the Art Gallery.

  • The Media Services Desk, at the end of the entry hall on the first floor, provides audio and visual materials for class assignments. Headphones are available for use in the building.

  • The Media Collection has audio cassettes and compact discs covering classical, jazz and popular music. Software that accompany books as well as a variety of other CD-ROMs are also available. Videos available for student viewing include SRJC Environmental and Biology Forums, Work of Literary Merit lectures and some of the Arts and Lectures presentations.

  • Media viewing carrels surround the service desk in the lobby.

  • The Tutorial Center is open weekdays and offers free tutoring to students on almost any subject.

  • The Robert F. Agrella Art Gallery has rotating exhibits throughout the year.

  • Doyle Library is home to a permanent collection of nearly 80 art works by faculty and staff members past and present. Called, "The Doyle Collection", this artwork may also be viewed online.

  • We hope this tour has been useful and gives you an understanding of how an academic library is arranged and the resources available at Doyle Library. We look forward to working with you in the future. To learn more about using the library, enroll in one of the Library & Information Resources Department's Information Literacy classes. There are many sections offered each semester. You'll have to visit Doyle Library in person to find out where this sculpture is!


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