Santa Rosa Junior College Archives

Burbank Park and Santa Rosa Junior College

Mission Statement

Geary Building

The mission of the Santa Rosa Junior College Archives is to collect, organize, preserve, and make available the official and historically valuable records of the Santa Rosa Junior College.

Vision Statement

The Santa Rosa Junior College has a rich history. From its humble beginnings in 1918, with 19 students meeting in borrowed quarters, it has become one of the nation's finest community colleges. The development and history of Santa Rosa Junior College is truly remarkable.

Built by visionary leaders, dedicated faculty, a highly supportive community and enthusiastic students it has enjoyed enormous success in all areas: academic, vocational and extracurricular.


It is worthwhile and important to document the people, events and accomplishments of the college. The natural repository for such a collection would be a College Archives. The College Archives is envisioned as a valuable historical repository reflecting a dynamic educational institution. Provided with adequate facilities and managed by professional staff, it would have a visible presence and play an important role as the central resource for the college's significant historical records. Students, faculty, staff and alumni would take pride in its existence and delight in its collection. All would recognize it as a testament to the college's ongoing significance.

To this end it is proposed that a College Archives be authorized by the Board of Trustees to collect, organize, preserve and make available the official and historically valuable records of the college.