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Altick, Richard Daniel. Victorian People and Ideas; A Companion for the Modern Reader of Victorian Literature. 1973.
        DA533 .A55 1973

Armstrong, Nancy. Desire and Domestic Fiction: A Political History of the Novel. 1989.
        PR830 .D65 A7 1989.

Bloom, Harold, ed. Charles Dickens' Hard Times. 1987.
        PR 4561 .C46 1987.

Bloom, Harold, ed. Modern Critical Views: Charles Dickens. 1987
        PR 4588 .C358 1987.

Bodenheimer, Rosemarie. The Politics of Story in Victorian Social Fiction. 1988.
        PR878 .S62 B63 1988

Buckley, Jerome Hamilton. The Victorian Temper, A Study in Literary Culture. 1951.
        PR461 .B75

Buckley, Jerome, ed. The Worlds of Victorian Fiction. 1975.
        PR653 .W6

Butt, John Everett. Dickens at Work. 1957.
        PR4588 .B8

Connor, Steven, ed. Charles Dickens. 1996.
        PR4588 .C358 1996

Davis, Paul B. Charles Dickens A to Z: The Essential Reference to His Life and Work. 1998.
        PR4580 .D38 1998

Dickens, Charles. Hard Times: An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Sources, and Contemporary Reactions, Criticism. Ed. by George Ford, Sylvere Monod. 2nd ed. 1990.
        PR4561 .A2 F67 1990

Dickens, Charles. Hard Times: For These Times. c1976.
        PR4561 .A1 1976

Dickens Studies Annual.
        PR4579 .D49 v. 1
        PR4579 .D49 v. 5
        PR4579 .D49 v. 6

Dyos, H. J. (Harold James). The Victorian City; Images and Realities. 1973.
        HT133 .D89 v. 1

Ford, George Harry. The Dickens Critics. 1961.
        PR4588 .F63

Hill, Nancy K. A Reformer's Art: Dickens' Picturesque and Grotesque Imagery. 1981.
        PR4581 .H54

Horn, Pamela. Children's Work and Welfare, 1780-1890 . 1995.
        HD 6231 .H67 1995

Hobsbaum, Philip. A Reader's Guide to Charles Dickens. 1973.
        PR 4588 >h54 1973

Lodge, David. Language of Fiction: Essays in Criticism and Verbal Analysis of the English Novel. 1966.
        PR821 .L6 1966

MacKenzie, Norman and Jeanne. Dickens, A Life. 1979.
        PR4581 .M18

Mitchell, Sally. Victorian Britain: An Encyclopedia. 1988.
        DA550 .V53 1988

Pool, Daniel. What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew: From Fox Hunting to Whist: The Facts of Daily Life in Ninteenth Century England. 1994.
        PR468 .S6 P66 1994

Priestley, J.B. Charles Dickens and His World. 1978.
        PR 4581 .P67 1978.

Simpson, Margaret. The Companion to Hard Times. 1997.
        PR4561 .S56 1997

Swisher, Clarice, ed. Readings on Charles Dickens. 1998.
        PR4588 .R36 1998

Thomson, David.. England in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914. 1957.         DA530 .T4 c. 1

Thompson, E. P. (Edward Palmer). The Making of the English Working Class. 1964.
        HD8388 .T47

Young, G. M. (George Malcolm). Victorian England. 2nd ed. 1953.
        DA550 .Y6 1953


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Smith, Grahame .
        "Comic Subversion and Hard Times." Dickens Studies Annual 1989:145-160.

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