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Spring 2003 Work of Literary Merit (WOLM)

Tracks by Louise Erdrich

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Beider, Peter G., and Gay Barton. A Reader's Guide to the Novels of Louise Erdrich. Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press, 1999. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Brill, Charles. Indian and Free: A Contemporary Portrait of Life on a Chippewa Reservation. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1971. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Brogan, Kathleen. Cultural Haunting: Ghosts and Ethnicity in Recent American Literature. Charlottesville, VA: University Press of Virginia, 1998. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Broker, Ignatia. Night Flying Woman: An Ojibway Narrative. St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1983. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Chavkin, Allan, ed. The Chippewa Landscape of Louise Erdrich. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press, 1999. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Densmore, Frances. How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine and Crafts. New York: Dover Publications, 1974. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Erdrich, Louise. Baptism of Desire. New York: Harper and Row, 1989. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Erdrich, Louise. Tracks. New York: Henry Holt, 1988. On reserve   (Plover and Mahoney libraries)

Jacobs, Connie A. The Novels of Louise Erdrich: Stories of Her People. New York: Peter Lang, 2001. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Johansen, Bruce E. Shapers of the Great Debate on Native Americans Land, Spirit, and Power. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2000. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Johnston, Basil. Indian School Days. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1989. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Johnston, Basil. Ojibway Heritage. New York: Columbia University Press, 1976. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Overholt, Thomas W., and J. Baird Callicott. Clothed-in-Fur and Other Tales: An Introduction to an Ojibwa World View. Latham, MD: University Press of America, 1982. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Powell, J.W. Seventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1891. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Vizenor, Gerald. The People Named the Chippewa. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1984. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Vizenor, Gerald, ed. Summer in the Spring: Ojibwe Lyric Poems and Tribal Stories. Minneapolis: Nodin Press, 1981. On reserve   (Plover Library)

Vizenor, Gerald, ed. Touchwood: A Collection of Ojibway Prose. St Paul: New Rivers Press, 1987. On reserve   (Plover Library)


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The Broken Cord with Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris   VC-1973
Authors Erdrich and Dorris, husband and wife, are both half Indian. They talk about how traditions of spirit and memory weave through the lives of many Native Americans--and how alcoholism and despair have shattered others. They also discuss the devastating effects of fetal alcohol syndrome on their adopted son, and on their Native American community. (Series: World of Ideas with Bill Moyers) (Plover Library)
Louise Erdrich & Michael Dorris   VC-817
Erdrich and Dorris are a husband and wife team who write novels together. As Native Americans, their writings and beliefs in family, community, and lifestyle reflect their heritage. (Series: World of Ideas with Bill Moyers) (Plover Library)
Interview with Louise Erdrich   Audiotape - Temp Reserve
Michael Krasny interviews Louise Erdrich on the March 3, 2003 airing of KQED's Forum.
Native American Culture in the USA - Part 1   VC-2807
Discusses the early populations of Native Americans, their rights, stereotypes, treaty disputes, and land allotments. (Series: Dealing With Diversity) (Plover Library)
Attack on Culture   VC-3783
Explores the legislative attack on native ways, including disbanding of communal land. Reservations are divided into 160 acre parcels that are offered to individual Indians, the remaining vast expanses are sold. In 1889, the Oklahoma Land Rush grabs up remnant land that decades before was given the "civilized tribes" as a perpetual home. Today, the renewal of native cultures provides a vital reminder of the glory of America's original people and the hardships they endures. (Series: 500 Nations) (Plover Library)
Everything Has a Spirit   VC-2780
Explores the historical roots of Native American religious persecution, as well as contemporary issues such as access and protection of sacred sites, First Amendment protection and the use of peyote in the Native American Church. Uses interviews with indigenous people, intertwined with historical photos, narrative and music. Examines native people's deeply-rooted spiritual values and their continuing struggle for cultural survival in the United States. (Plover Library)
Devil's Tower   VC-4815
Across the USA, Native Americans are struggling to protect their sacred places. Religious freedom, so valued in America. is not guaranteed to those who practice land-based religion. Every year, more sacred sites - the land-based equivalent of the world's great cathedrals - are being destroyed. The biggest problem is ignorance. Rock climbers, tourists, and New Age religious practitioners are a part of that problem. Depicts the Lakota's struggle to protect their sacred site from climbers and other encroachers. (Series: In the Light of Reverence) (Plover and Mahoney libraries)
Smoke Signals   VC-4997

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