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Fall 2004 Work of Literary Merit (WOLM)

Periodical Articles & Essays

To request articles which are " On reserve", go to the Plover Library Reserve Window or the Mahoney Library Circulation Desk. Articles whose titles are in colored type may be viewed online by SRJC students, faculty and staff.

Ahlers, Alice. "Cinematographic Technique in 'Leaves of Grass.'" Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 12 (1966) 93-97. On reserve.

Asselineau, Roger. "Nationalism vs. Internationalism in 'Leaves of Grass.'" Critical Essays on Walt Whitman . Ed. James Woodress. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1983. On reserve.

Beach, Christopher. "'Now Lucifer was not Dead': Slavery, Intertextuality, and Subjectivity in 'Leaves of Grass.'" Canadian Review of American Studies 25.2 (1995): 27-48. On reserve.

Bellis, Pete J. “Against Representation: The 1855 edition of ‘Leaves of Grass.’Centennial Review 43.1 (1999): 71-95. On reserve.

Bergman, Herbert. "The Influence of Whitman's Journalism on 'Leaves of Grass.'" American Literary Realism 3 (1970): 399-404. On reserve.

Cutler, E. "Passage to Modernity: 'Leaves of Grass' and the 1853 Crystal Palace Exhibition in New York." Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 16.2 (1998): 65-89. On reserve.

Dean, Susan. "Seeds of Quakerism at the Roots of 'Leaves of Grass.'" Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 16.3-4 (1999): 191-201. On reserve.

Graham, Rosemary. “Solving ‘All the Problems of Freedom’: The Case of the 1860 ‘Leaves of Grass.’” American Transcendental Quarterly 7.1 (1993): 5-23. On reserve.

Harris, W.C. "Whitman's 'Leaves of Grass' and the Problem of the One and the Many." Arizona Quarterly 56.3 (2000): 29-61. On reserve.

Higgins, Andrew C. "Wage Slavery and the Composition of 'Leaves of Grass': The 'Talbot Wilson' Notebook." Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 20.2 (2002): 53-77. On reserve.

Klammer, Martin. "A Slave's Narrative." Whitman, Slavery, and the Emergence of 'Leaves of Grass .' University Park: Pennsylvania State UP, 1995. On reserve.

Lawson, Andrew. "'Spending for Vast Returns': Sex, Class, and Commerce in the 'First Leaves of Grass.'" American Literature 75.2 (2003): 335-365. On reserve.

Loving, Jerome. "The Political Roots of 'Leaves of Grass.'" A Historical Guide to Walt Whitman . Ed. David S. Reynolds. New York: Oxford UP, 2000. On reserve.

Oakes, Karen. "'I Stop Somewhere Waiting for You': Whitman's Femininity and the Reader of 'Leaves of Grass.'" Out of Bounds: Male Writers and Gender(ed) Criticism . Amherst: U of Massachusetts P, 1990.

Olsen, Robert. "Whitman's 'Leaves of Grass': Poetry and the Founding of a 'New World' Culture." University of Toronto Quarterly 64.2 (1995): 305-323. On reserve.

Pollak, Georgiana. "The Relationship of Music to 'Leaves of Grass.'" College English 15.7 (1954): 384-394. On reserve.

Powers, Richard G. “‘Leaves of Grass’: The Evolution of an Epic.” Books at Brown 24 (1971): 107-118. On reserve.

Reynolds, David S. "Politics and Poetry: 'Leaves of Grass' and the Social Crisis of the 1850's." The Cambridge Companion to Walt Whitman . Ed. Ezra Greenspan. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1995. On reserve.

Reynolds, David S. "Whitman's America: A Revaluation of the Backgrounds of 'Leaves of Grass.'" Cahiers Roumains d'Etudes Litteraires: Revue Trimestrielle de Critique, d'Esthetique et d'Histoire Litteraires 3 (1987): 98-105. On reserve.

Reynolds, David S. "Whitman's America: A Revaluation of the Cultural Backgrounds of 'Leaves of Grass.'" Mickle Street Review 9.2 (1988): 5-17. On reserve.

Shurr, William H. "Walt Whitman's 'Leaves of Grass': The Making of a Sexual Revolution." Soundings 74.1-2 (1991): 101-128. On reserve.

Smith, F. Lannom. "The American Reception of 'Leaves of Grass.'" Walt Whitman Review 22.4 (1976): 137-157. On reserve.

Tanner, James T. F. "The Lamarckian Theory of Progress in 'Leaves of Grass.'" Walt Whitman Review 9.1 (1963): 3-11. On reserve.

Wells, Elizabeth. "The Structure of Whitman's 1860 'Leaves of Grass.'" Walt Whitman Review 15.3 (1969): 131-161. On reserve.

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