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SRJC Pathways to Teaching in California

SRJC PATHWAYS TO TEACHING IN CALIFORNIA Early Childhood Teaching Elementary School Teaching Middle/High School Teaching Career & Technical Teaching Special Education Teaching Decorative Collage

Many Pathways To Teaching In California

SRJC’s teacher preparation counselors will work with you to develop an individualized education plan that fits your teaching and career goals, no matter what educational level you plan to teach after graduation. You may choose among many exciting teaching pathways at SRJC:

Early Childhood Education

If you love working with and have a talent for nurturing young children, SRJC offers certificates for preschool teachers and associate teachers, as well as the permits that are required to teach in many programs. SRJC also offers a university transfer degree program in child development.

Elementary School

SRJC provides a broad range of classes that meet the requirements for multiple-subject teacher preparation to teach students in kindergarten through sixth grade. All courses you take at SRJC could be applied to a teacher preparation program if you plan carefully. Be sure to meet with a counselor as soon as possible to develop your educational plan to ensure that every class you take counts toward a degree and credential.

Middle School and High School

You may have a strong interest in a specific subject or a career and technical field common in middle school or high school. Focused, single-subject pathways are designed to prepare you to transfer to a university to earn your teaching credential in a specific subject.

Special Education

Education Specialists provide specially designed instruction for students with developmental, emotional, physical, or learning disabilities. A special education pathway prepares you to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of preschool, elementary, middle or high school students, or young adults who are disabled.

Designated Subject or Career Technical Education

Teaching a technical skill like business, child development, auto technology, or agriculture provides an opportunity to help young people identify meaningful career goals and develop job skills. Educating eager students who share the same interest and enthusiasm means you are preparing the next generation of leaders in career and technical fields.

Teach in a California Community College

Community colleges offer lower division courses in most traditional academic fields and in many career and technical areas. To teach most academic disciplines requires a master’s degree; however, you can teach in many career and technical areas with an associate or bachelor’s degree and experience in the field. Your expertise and experience in a particular area may already place you on the pathway to community college teaching.

College or University Teaching

Generally speaking, teaching at a four-year college or university requires a doctorate degree, with some exceptions. The pathway to your doctorate can begin right here at SRJC. If you truly want to make a difference in the lives of students - from preschool to university level - SRJC is an excellent place to start.