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Independent Living Program

There is something for everyone in a Consumer Issues course. These classes are practical, introductory courses offered as part of the basic Consumer and Family Studies Department curriculum at Santa Rosa Junior College. Completion of courses in this area will help the student develop critical thinking skills for improved job performance and personal relationships both on and off the job.

CN IS 90/190 Money Management
Money Management is an introductory, 3-unit lecture class on the basics of daily as well as long-term decision making in financial matters. Topics include:

• budgeting
• shopping
• fraud
• investments
• income taxes
• financing a home
• insurance (auto, home, life, health)
• estate and retirement planning
• banking, saving money
• credit, loans, bankruptcy
• buying new and used cars
• renter/landlord rights
• buying and selling a home

CN IS 92/192 Life Management
Life Management is a 3-unit class that addresses skills needed to make good decisions, identify values, and manage time and resources effectively.

• setting goals/following through
• making decisions
• managing your time
• getting organized
• overcoming procrastination
• improving communication
• managing stress and conflict

CN IS 97/197 Changing Family Lifestyles
• choosing and communicating with partners
• gender equity in relationships
• balancing work and family
• divorce/stepparenting
• alternative lifestyles
• realistic expectations
• parenting in the 21st century

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