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CS 50.21 A/B

Welcome and thank you for your interest in CS 50.21 A/B. In the first course you will learn more about image file formats for the Web.Download Javascript, HTML, and CSS code to create carousels, galleries and other special effects. Explore Bootstrap and use it to create a working web page based on a Photoshop image.

In the second class you will design a winery website based on 3 client "inspiration" sites. Next you will produce wireframes, a visual mock up for the home page and secondary pages, and then use bootstrap, HTML, CSS and Javascript to produce a working website. The last portion of the class focuses on making a Wordpress site and then creating a WordPress "child theme".

Listed below is a video overview of the course and videos and biographies of students who have taken this class and several otheres to become certified in Web Development. We hope to see you in class next semester.

Examples of student Portfolios

Neil Livingston :: Robin Harbig-Monroe :: Amanda Smith :: Amber Scott

This course is the first step on a pathway to Web certification. Review the interviews and biographies of 3 former students who have used the skills they acquired in our training program to build successful careers in the field.

Craig Palmer - interview - biography

Suzanne Deiss - interview - biography

Joy Olson - interview - biography