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IT Essentials

Everyone who uses a computer needs to complete this certificate. The ITE program is akin to Drivers Education; students learn to safely operate and maintain the machine. The IT Essentials Certification Training in A+ Skills Certificate provides students with the skills essential to address the ongoing changes in technology and the role of the computer support professional. The role of the IT worker and expectations for the entry-level technician has grown beyond base technical aptitude. For example, the ability to provide superior customer service and communicate effectively have become critical, since they are often the first point of customer contact in an organization. In addition, IT workers must have an increased awareness of and ability to address security issues.

At the same time, there has been a refinement of IT technician roles, such as remote/call center technicians and bench/depot technicians. While IT technician roles share a common core of required skills and knowledge, there is enough uniqueness that a "one size fits all" credential is no longer the most appropriate way to validate skills.

As a result, CompTIA A+ has been updated to reflect both the changes in technology and the unique requirements of evolved IT worker job roles. The goal is to ensure that this benchmark credential remains current and relevant, offering the most value to the candidate, employer, and overall market.

CompTIA A+ formerly consisted of one exam focused on hardware technologies and concepts and another on operating systems technologies and concepts. These two skill categories remain the foundation for the technical skills and knowledge needed by entry-level IT workers. However, as technologies, businesses, working environments, and customers have evolved, so have the necessary skills of the IT worker. The exam updates reflect the demand for IT workers with well-rounded skill sets.

IT Essentials Requirements - complete 10.0 units
Course # Course Name Units CL
CS 80.11 
Exploring Microsoft Windows 3.0 X
CS 80.13 Windows Command Line/Microsoft DOS 3.0 X  
CS 80.15 IT Essentials 1: PC Hardware and Software 4.0 X  
  Total Units 10.0    

CL = classroom
OL = online