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Graphic Design Production Fundamentals

The Graphic Design Production Fundamentals Skills Certificate prepares students for entry-level print production in the field of graphic design. This certificate is designed for students who want a short program to develop employable skills in this field.

This program represents the first step on a career ladder in graphic design. Students completing this certificate will have completed a portion of the Applied Graphics Certificate and may wish to pursue this more advanced program to enhance their employment opportunities.

Employers generally report that it is moderately difficult to find applicants who meet their hiring standards. This indicates a good outlook for qualified job seekers.

Graphic Design Production Fundamentals Requirements
Course # Course Name Units CL
GD 20 Typography and Letterforms 3.0 X  
GD 51  Introduction to Graphic Design: Visual Basics 3.0 X  
APGR 52A  Introduction to Computer Based Design 3.0 X  
APGR 52B  Computer Based Design 2 3.0 X  
GD 53  Design Techniques in Illustrator 3.0 X  
  Total Units 15.0    

CL = classroom
OL = online