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JavaScript Programmer

In the Web Site Development JavaScript Programmer Certificate of Achievement program, programmers will understand how this scripting language works and what it can do for a Web site.

JavaScript is a very light programming language with a very simple syntax! Almost anyone can start putting small "snippets" of code into their HTML documents. JavaScript can put dynamic text into an HTML page. A JavaScript can be set to execute when something happens, like when a page has finished loading or when a user clicks on an HTML element. JavaScript can read and write HTML element. JavaScript can be used to validate data in a form before it is submitted to a server.

A successful JavaScript programmer exhibits a strong work ethic, perfectionist standards, patience, strong people skills, and shows an attention to detail. JavaScript Programmers are expected to design, program, test, and resolve problems utilizing Web-centric application technologies as well as provide production support.

Job titles include JavaScript Software Developer, JavaScript Programmer, JavaScript Guru, Web Programmer, and Web Developer.

E-mail the certificate coordinator for further information.

JavaScript Programmer Certification Coursework
Course # Course Name Units Delivery
first semester course of study 13.0 CL OL
CS 50.11A
Creating Web Pages 1 - HTML 1.5 X
CS 50.11B Creating Web Pages 2 - HTML 1.5 X X
CS 82.41A Telecommunications 1 1.5   X
CS 82.41B
Telecommunications 2 1.5   X
CS 10 Introduction to Programming 4.0 X X
CS 81.21 Introduction to UNIX 3.0 X X
second semester course of study 10.0 CL OL
CS 50.11C Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 3.0   X
CS 55.11 Using JavaScript to Design Dynamic Web Pages 3.0   X
CS 50.31 or
CS 99I
Web Content Development
or Occupational Work Experience Internship
4.0 X
third semester course of study 8.5 CL OL
CS 50.32 or CS 99I Web Project Management
or Occupational Work Experience Internship
4.0 X X
CS 81.61 Structured Query Language 1.5 X  
CS 63.11A or
CIS 69.51
Microsoft Access
or Filemaker
3.0 X X
  Total Units 31.5    

CL = classroom
OL = online