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Computer Science Major

The Computer Science Major allows students whose transfer major is Computer Science to earn an associate degree while meeting the typical lower division requirements for a Computer Science degree at a four-year institution. Because the lower division requirements vary widely among four-year institutions, students should check with a counselor to be certain that their coursework meets the requirements at the institution to which they plan to transfer.

E-mail the coordinator of the major for further information.

Computer Science Coursework
Course # Course Name Units Delivery
first semester course of study   Classroom Online
CS 10 Introduction to Computer Programming 4.0 X X
CS 81.21 Introduction to Unix 3.0 X X
MATH 1A Calculus, First Course 5.0 X  
second semester course of study  
CS 11 Data Structures and Algorithms 4.0 X  
MATH 1B Calculus, Second Course 5.0 X  
third semester course of study  
CS 12 Assembly Language Programming 4.0 X  
MATH 4 Discrete Mathematics 4.0 X  
fourth semester course of study  
CS 17.11 Java Programming 3.0 X  
  Math/Physics elective 3.0-5.0 X  
  Total Units 35.0    

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