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Adobe Dreamweaver Certification

Adobe Dreamweaver Certification is based on a thorough knowledge of HTML, the Dreamweaver program, and practical experience working on a client Web site. Dreamweaver content developers are responsible for understanding the template created by the designer and inserting the client's content to produce the required Web pages.

The Dreamweaver content developer is responsible for assembling and coding the site, and may also be responsible for some quality assurance tasks (such as browser compatibility, validation, and application testing). A content developer may also be asked to do text editing & graphic conversion.

In addition to using Dreamweaver, students are expected to have a strong background in HTML. You may hear rumors that understanding HTML is no longer necessary to create a Web site. Well, that simply isn't true.

Dreamweaver content developers need to be able to look at the HTML source code created by Dreamweaver and edit or modify it as needed. Dreamweaver is a powerful and time saving tool but it is not a substitute for an understanding of the basic principles of HTML.

Students will be expected to design Web sites to meet the standards of clients from the community. A successful Dreamweaver content developer exhibits a strong work ethic, perfectionists standard, patience, strong people skills and shows an attention to detail.

Job titles include Web Production Specialist, Web Developer, Internet Developer, HTML Coder, and HTML Guru.

E-mail the certificate coordinator for further information.

Dreamweaver Certification Coursework
Course # Course Name Units Delivery
first semester course of study 3.0 CL OL
CS 50.11A Creating Web Pages 1 - HTML 1.5 X X
CS 50.11B Creating Web Pages 2 - HTML 1.5 X X
second semester course of study 6.0 CL OL
CS 53.11A Dreamweaver, Introduction 3.0 X X
CS 50.11C Introduction to CSS 3.0   X
third semester course of study 7.0 CL OL
CS 50.31 or
CS 99I
Web/Interactive Media Projects
or Occupational Work Experience Internship
4.0 X X
CS 53.11B Advanced Dreamweaver 3.0 X X
  Total Units 16.0    

CL = classroom
OL = online