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SRJC Students for Sustainable Communities (SSC)

Students for Sustainable Community (and “the green team”) is an exciting new student club aimed at exploring how to align the college community with the environmental goals we all share. Students develop ideas on how they can really make a difference by promoting greening across our campuses, becoming leaders in sustainable education, and, together, creating an all around more sustainable community. We can reduce waste, water usege, and the amount of energy and materials we use. We make sure we are reducing, reusing, and recycling by developing nearly paperless classes and offices. We can develop sources for more sustainable, local, organic, and affordable foods. Our goal is to become the most sustainable student community we can be. We work together to create working systems that make it easier to recycle as close to 100 percent of our recyclable goods and composting organics to ensure that our contribution to landfill is as low as it possibly can be.