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Shone Farm Foundation

In 2008, the Shone Farm Foundation was formed as a 501c3 to establish the Shone Farm Winery as a bonded winery. Mack Schwing, Co-Founder and Principal of WISE Academy is the current Chair of the Foundation and Bill Rodda is Vice-Chair. The Shone Farm Foundation Board of Directors includes local business executives from the agricultural community.

The mission of the Foundation is “to promote and advance agricultural education and the development of the SRJC Shone Farm Agricultural Center by acquiring and maintaining state and federal licenses and bonds for a self-sustaining bonded winery thereby enhancing the educational and career opportunities for enrolled students in the Agriculture/Natural Resources Department.”

A Foundation Marketing Committee was formed to promote Shone Farm wine and develop a brand for Shone Farm. The committee worked with students in the SRJC Graphic Design Program to design a logo for the Shone Farm that will be used on the wine label and other Shone Farm products. A Sales Committee was also established to assist in wine distribution.

To ensure that the Shone Farm Winery produces high quality wines, each wine is tasted against other notable Sonoma wines by a panel of noted wine industry experts and professional winemakers led by Dan Berger, renowned local wine writer.