The SRJC Culinary Café and Bakery

Are reservations required at the Café?

Not required, but so many people make them that itís a good idea to do the same. Because our primary goal is to create the best learning environment for our students, itís important that we know what to expect each day. But if youíre in the area and donít have a reservation, please stop in because we can frequently offer you a table.

What's the largest party you can accommodate for lunch in the Café?

In our private dining room, we can seat 25-50 for a private luncheon or a meeting. You'll have your own special three-course menu for $20/person inclusive of sales tax. Call us at 707-522-2796 at least two weeks in advance.

Can the Bakery make special orders?

Our bakery is stocked with goodies from a planned curriculum, so it is not practical for us to promise special orders that donít fit within the plan. If our baking instructor is teaching the art of chocolate all week, we simply canít ask her and her students to make a lemon meringue pieÖright? (so buy some of those chocolate cupcakes, please!) But wait! We have talented students who can often respond to special requests. Go to our web site at to request a cake or other sweet treat.

Can I hire a student to help us at an event?

Yes. We can match you with experienced students who can assist in food prep and service at your home. The going rate is $15-20/hour and you pay the student. Go to our web site at for all the details.