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New and Returning Students

New and Returning Students

At Santa Rosa Junior College we understand that deciding which college to attend is among the most important lifetime decisions you will make. At SRJC you can look forward to an exceptional and challenging educational experience no matter what your academic and job training goals are.

On these CTE web pages, we can provide you a brief overview of the steps needed to start your college career at SRJC. However, you should utilize the resources on the SRJC home page ( and at the links listed below for complete information.

Getting Started

  • Apply for admission – submit your application and get a Student Identification number.
  • Assessment – Placement tests are important to help you select programs suited to your level of educational preparation and experience.
  • Orientation - This important step will help you to be successful at SRJC. The orientation is an opportunity to meet other students, to learn about college support services, an to receive an spot in the priority registration system.
  • Counseling – In addition to having counselors who specialize in Career and Technical Education, the Counseling Department will help you to plan your sequence of courses at the college.
  • Registration – Enroll for the courses you want online.
  • Support – The college has outstanding instructors, tutoring, financial aid and scholarships, and other free services to support you while you are here.

Selecting a program


Please note that some programs or courses require prerequisites (courses that must be completed prior to enrolling in another course). Information about the number of semesters or time need to complete certificates and degrees does not include time associated with completion of prerequisites.


SRJC offers a broad array of occupational certificate programs that provide a course of study preparing students directly for employment or self-employment upon completion of the program. We offer two types of certificates:

  • Certificate of achievement – Programs that include 18 or more units of coursework result in the award of a Certificate of Achievement, which provides instruction in skills needed to enter a specific field. Most can be completed in one to two years.
  • Skill certificate – These certificates generally require fewer units than a Certificate of Achievement and give students a brief but intense course of study to prepare you for an entry-level position or skill improvement for career advancement.

Most certificate programs are developed through the collaboration of SRJC faculty and industry leaders and employers who sit on Advisory Committees for the occupational disciplines. There are two types of certificates recognized by the College: Certificates of Achievement and Skills Certificates.

Associate degrees

For many individuals, an associate degree provides just the level of training they need to ensure they are prepared for their new career. The associate degree usually includes both the technical courses required for a Certificate of Achievement, plus additional courses to fulfill the general education degree requirements.

The Associate in Arts and Associate in Science Degrees can be earned at Santa Rosa Junior College. Requirements for graduation with an Associate Degree are prescribed by the California Community College System and the Board of Trustees of Santa Rosa Junior College. Many SRJC departments offer both certificates and associate degrees. See the About Associate Degrees page.


Being a transfer student means that you are beginning your bachelor's degree right here at Santa Rosa Junior College. Like other community colleges, SRJC offers "lower division" (freshman and sophomore) General Education and major preparation courses equivalent to those at a university. After you transfer, you will complete your "upper division" (junior and senior) coursework and graduate from the university. See the Pepare for Transfer page.

Career Selection

The college’s Career and Employment Center has an excellent selection of materials to help students investigate careers and take workshops focused on job skills and career selection. The center also has a student employment office that provides assistance to students seeking work.