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Go Green

Go Green

Since its founding nearly a century ago, Santa Rosa Junior College has nurtured its link to the land and to the environment. The concerns of college faculty and staff for the global environment have fostered innovative green training programs, sustainable building operations, careful stewardship of the land, and cutting edge technology. SRJC’s history and its future are strongly tied to environmental education and to intelligent business practices. If you’re looking for a dynamic new career, for a change of jobs, for the foundation of a four-year degree, or for entrepreneurial opportunities, SRJC’s green programs are key to your planning.

Green Jobs - Green Solutions

Increasing numbers of students are pursuing green certification or university transfer to get in on the ground floor of 21st century jobs. With environmental career employment opportunities expected to be a $1.5 trillion industry in the coming years, it is an excellent time to prepare to join the green industry.

The North Bay has many industry segments that require skilled employees:

  • Transportation and land use
  • Green building
  • Agriculture, forestry, and open space
  • Solid waste
  • Transit
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water delivery and treatment
  • Renewable energy

Through SRJC’s green instruction and practices, students learn to create the new energy economy through skills training and certification. SRJC instructors offer real-world training that prepares students to compete for green jobs. Classroom experience includes critical and interdisciplinary thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, and productive collaboration skills that are essential to meeting the challenges of 21st century industry needs.

Certificates & Degrees

SRJC offers a variety of technical programs that will qualify you for exciting jobs in the green workplace.

Skills Certificates

Locally approved; require fewer than 18 units of instruction; and provide concentrated instruction in specific job skills.

Certificates of Achievement

Approved by the State of California; require more than 18 units of instruction; offer statewide recognition of job related course achievement.

Associate Degree

With an associate degree from SRJC you can transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree in a green-related major, or you can find a job as soon as you graduate. An associate degree requires two years of full-time study to complete. (LINK)

Areas Of Green Focus

Companies seek individuals with knowledge of environmental issues, and students are taking advantage of SRJC’s green programs to become more valuable candidates to these organizations. At SRJC you will find dynamic sustainability training in a number of key areas:

  • Transportation alternatives – Alternative fuels, hybrid automobiles, electric cars, diesel technology. SRJC’s Industrial and Trade Technology Department
  • Green buildings and construction – Solar installation, water treatment, geographic information systems, construction management, computer-aided drafting. SRJC’s Applied Technology Department (Web site under development)
  • Agriculture and forestry – Sustainable agriculture, permaculture, natural resources and watershed management, horticulture. SRJC’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Department
  • Environmental studies – Courses for associate degrees or university transfer:  biology, botany, economics, environmental science, environmental technology, philosophy, social sciences, community involvement. See SRJC’s Schedule of Classes

With the North Bay region, state, and the world investing heavily in the environmental issues and creating so many new employment options, it’s the right time for SRJC students to pursue “green collar” skills and jobs.