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Career Assessment Testing

Career assessment testing at SRJC is offered through Counseling (COUN 62) classes, counselor referrals and on an individual basis. The goal is to provide information about interest patterns as part of the career development process.

Counseling Classes

Individuals who wish to take a battery of interest inventories are encouraged to enroll in COUN 62, Introduction to Career Development.

These courses, taught by SRJC counselors, are offered throughout the year in a variety of formats. In addition to career testing, the courses include an orientation to the Career Center and an overview of the career planning process.

Counselor Referrals

Counselors at SRJC may also refer students for career testing on an individual basis. After meeting with a counselor, students may purchase the career tests in the Career Center with a personal check or cash receipt obtained from the Accounting window in Bailey Hall. The Career Center does not accept cash, credit cards or money orders.

Students complete tests at home and return them to the Career Center to be processed and scored, which involves a 2-3 week turnaround. The student is then alerted via postcard to make a one-hour appointment with a career counselor to have tests interpreted.


It is also possible to purchase some tests directly from the Career Center without a counselor referral. This list of tests is limited to those characterized as "self-scoring". Each test includes instructions on how to self-score the tests, and does not need to be returned to the Career Center for processing.

Like counselor referrals, these tests can be purchased at the Career Center with a personal check or cash receipt obtained from the Accounting window in Bailey Hall. It is not necessary to make a career counseling appointment to interpret self-scored tests.

Self-Scored Tests ( Counselor referral not required)

California Ability Placement Survey (CAPS) $5.50

Measures your vocationally-relevant abilities in eight dimensions by testing in areas such as mechanical reasoning, language usage, spatial relation and numerical ability.

California Occupational Reference System (COPS) $2.00

Gauges your occupational preferences according to fourteen occupational clusters. These clusters are based on college curriculum and job information.

Career Decision Making System (CDM) $3.00

Designed to assist you in making a career decision by identifying occupational interests, values, and abilities, in relation to job options and future areas of interest.

JOB-O $6.00

Assists in making a career plan by assessing your current occupational interests, and matching them to potential fields based on eight primary job categories. Also explores other factors, such as the length of time you want to spend preparing for entry into a field.

KUDER - Self Scored $5.00

Gives you the chance to rate your abilities are in different tasks. Your results are presented as they align to 16 different occupational clusters developed by the National Skills Board, to give you a sense of where your strengths lay.

Self-Directed Search (SDS) $3.00

Asks you to estimate your aptitudes and interests in many areas as a prelude to career decision making. Based on Holland's theory of occupational codes, occupations are grouped according to combinations of personality types.

Major-Minor Finder (MMF) $5.50

Designed to assist you in selecting a college major. By expanding your knowledge of the major fields of study, reviewing your interest and abilities, and selecting a desired work environment, you can select a college major appropriate for you.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Self Scored (MBTI-SS) $10.00

Popular personality assessment tool developed to gauge how you perceive the world. Measures personality preferences, which can be used in career decision making.

Computer Scored Tests - Counselor referral required

Career Assessment Inventory (CAI) $15.00

Compares your interests with individuals employed in a variety of occupations, including those requiring technical, business, or community college training as well as those requiring university-level or advanced education.

Myers-Briggs - Form G (MBTI-G) $20.00

Popular personality assessment tool developed to gauge how you perceive the world. Measures personality preferences, which can be used in career decision making.

Myers-Briggs - Form M (MBTI-M) $15.00

An expanded version of the Myers-Briggs Form G, detailing how your personality type is relative to career exploration, and how to choose a field appropriate to your type.

Strong Interest Inventory - Profile Report (Short Version) $10.50

Illustrates how your specific interests and preferences link to various jobs, work settings and career fields. Focuses on your individual interests, rather than aptitude or intelligence.

Strong Interest Inventory - Interpretive Report (Newly Revised) $15.00

An expanded version of the STRONG Profile Report, including additional information relevant to career mapping. Your descriptors are compared to satisfied workers in various fields, and a list of ten potential jobs suited to you is suggested.

Strong Interest Inventory - Myers-Briggs Career Report
(STRONG/MBTI Hybrid) $20.00

An expanded version of the STRONG Interpretive Report, providing a complete career development outlook based on a combination of your interests and personality. Your personality type according the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test is used to provide the most comprehensive and thorough exploration of career direction.

Please note: Costs for tests are subject to change without notice.

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