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SRJC student information

Career Expo Participating Employers

Information for SRJC Students

A list of participating employers will be posted here at the beginning of April.

Bring plenty of resumes and come prepared to meet employers and discuss your skills. For information about resume writing and interviewing visit the Career Center, 3rd floor, Bertolini Student Center, (707) 527-4941.

Preparing for a Career Expo

A Student Strategy Guide - Downloadable Version


  • Create or update your resume
  • Attend a Career Center workshop
  • Visit the Career Center for some resume tips and samples
  • Plan, clean, and press your outfit - Dress for success, as if your where going to your interview
  • Prepare your self-introduction
  • Check the career center website for a list of participating organizations
  • Review the participating organizations' websites ahead of time

At the Career Expo

  • Making a Connection
    Introduce yourself, establish eye contact, and shake hands confidently.
  • Conduct Yourself Professionally
    Remember that you are on display even as you stand in line or move about the expo. In additional to representing yourself you are also representing the Santa Rosa Junior College.
  • Take the Lead in Your Conversations
    Introduce yourself, discuss your skills, interests, background, and career goals
  • Leave your resume if they request it, or appear to be collecting them
  • Get a Business Card
    After discussion with the representative, if you are interested in this organization, send a follow-up cover letter and resume tailored especially to them; mention your meeting at the career expo and ask for an interview.
  • Be Courteous
    Some businesses/organizations bring large quantities of print materials or ggive awaysh clearly intended for students to take. Other employers bring just a few copies of materials or sample products. Always check with employers before taking materials from their tables.
  • Know When it is Time To Move On
    Remember, there may be other students waiting to talk to the representative, so demonstrate sensitivity by keeping your questions brief.
  • Following Each Interaction
    Make notes on topics of conversation, contact names, and follow-up procedures
    Prepare for your next employer contact

Questions to ask Business/Organization Representatives

  • About the Company
    Could you tell me the types of skills and experience you are seeking?
    I am interested in your company/organization because________
    Describe the usual college graduate entry-level position in your company.
    What is the typical career path in your company for a new college grad?
    What are the skills that are most important for a position in this field?
    What do you like most about your company?
    Are there immediate openings in you company? If not, what do you anticipate being the future opportunities?
    Do you have internships or summer jobs?
    Can you offer me suggestions on how I can successfully apply to your organization?
    Considering my Particular career interest, are there additional people in the organization whom I should contact?
  • About the Industry
    What advice would you give to someone who wants to break into this field?
    What are the areas of growth in your industry?
    What should a college graduate know about your industry and/or company before he/she applies for a job?
    What professional associations or periodicals should I become familiar with in order to acquaint myself with what is happening industry-wide?

After the Career Expo

  • Research those companies in more detail
  • Follow up with a cover letter resume or a thank-you note. Emphasizing your interest in their organization
  • Set up a system to keep track of follow-up activities

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