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Rights & Responsibilities

Student Conduct Standards and Due Process

Students who register in Santa Rosa Junior College classes are required to abide by the Santa Rosa Junior College Student Conduct Standards. Violation of the Standards is basis for disciplinary sanction, including dismissal from class or from the College.


Santa Rosa Junior College holds that its primary function is the development of intellectual curiosity, integrity and accomplishment. The College further holds that it is in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom and discipline that students can best grow to understand moral, aesthetic, social and economic values.

General Responsibilities

To further these objectives, the College employs teachers and other staff, maintains physical facilities, and attends to the health and safety of persons on the campus. The individuals making up the College community are diverse yet interdependent. Their objectives and the framework provided by the College are necessarily complex. Thus each member of the College community should cooperate in the pursuit by others of their educational objectives, and support the College in providing this framework in which teaching, learning and service are honored.

The College has the responsibility to make reasonable efforts to accommodate students with special conditions or needs. All students must be able to benefit from instruction offered at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Occasion may arise when a student's physical, medical, and/or psychological conditions may pose undue risk to the student or to others. In this case, the College has the responsibility to determine that the student's participation is not in the best interest of the student and the College.

College Conduct Standards

Interference with the College's educational objectives or community life is cause for disciplinary action. All members of the College community and visitors are expected to refrain from such interference including, among others, the following particular types of conduct on College premises and at College sponsored or authorized activities.

Although all staff members representing the College are concerned with the welfare and discipline of students, it is the responsibility of the Vice-President of Student Services in concert with the other campus offices to see that rules and regulations are maintained.

Questions regarding Student Conduct Standards and Due Process Procedures should be referred to the Vice-President of Student Services (707) 524-1647.

Section 1 - Standards of Conduct
Section 2 - Forms of Discipline & Penalties
Section 3 - Disciplinary Procedures and Process


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