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Section 1-Standards of Conduct Section 2-Forms of Disciplines/Penalties Section 3-Disciplinary Procedures/Process

Student Conduct Standards and Due Process

Section 2:   Forms of Disciplines/Penalties

The following forms of discipline may be imposed on a student who is guilty of misconduct:

  1. Reprimand: Notice that students conduct in a specific instance does not meet College standards and that continued misconduct may result in a more serious disciplinary action
  2. Probation: Notice that the student found in violation of the College standards may continue to be enrolled under stated conditions,violations of which may be cause for more serious disciplinary action.
  3. Restitution: Reimbursement for damage to or misappropriation of property, which may take the form of appropriate service to repair or otherwise compensate for damages. Restitution may be imposed in combination with any other penalty.
  4. Removal from Class by Instructor: Denial of the right to attend a particular class for a specific length of time may not exceed two (2) class meetings of class. (E.C.Sec. 76032)
  5. Suspension by President: Denial for good cause of all campus privileges, including one or more of the following;
    1. The right to enter the campus
    2. Exclusion from one or more classes for a period of up to ten (10) days of instruction
    3. Exclusion from one or more classes and activities for the remainder of the school term
    4. Exclusion from all classes and activities of the Community College for one or more terms.
    5. (Periods of suspension do not allow for makeup class work.)
      (E.C.Sec. 76031 & P.C.246, see required notices, Sec. F)

  6. Expulsion: by Board of Trustees of Santa Rosa Junior College for an indefinite period of time includes loss of all College privileges including College employment and the privilege of entering any portion of the campus except by written authorization from the Vice-President of Student Services. The Board of Trustees of Santa Rosa Junior College must impose expulsion. Readmission is contingent upon a showing of rehabilitation by the student. (E.C.Sec. 76031 & P.C.246) Penalties of a lesser degree may be applied by the Vice President of Student Services as part of the process from those listed.

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