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Section 1-Standards of Conduct Section 2-Forms of Disciplines/Penalties Section 3-Disciplinary Procedures/Process

Student Conduct Standards and Due Process

Section 1:   Standards of Conduct

Student shall conduct himself or herself in a manner which reflects their awareness of common standards of decency and the rights of others.

Students shall be disciplined only for good cause, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following categories of misconduct.

  1. Dishonesty, such as cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the College.
  2. Forgery, alterations, or misuse of College documents, records, or identification.
  3. Obstruction or disruption of teaching, administration, disciplinary procedures, College activities, or other authorized activities on College premises.
  4. Physical or verbal abuse of any person on College owned or controlled property or at College sponsored or supervised functions, or conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any such person.
  5. Willful misconduct resulting in injury or death to a student or College personnel or which results in cutting, defacing, or other injury to any real or personal property owned by the District.
  6. Theft of or damage to property of the College or of a member of the College community or campus visitor.
  7. Willful or persistent smoking in any area on College property where smoking has been prohibited by law or by regulation of the Board of Trustees of Santa Rosa Junior College
  8. Unauthorized entry into College facilities, or unauthorized use of College supplies or equipment.
  9. Violation of College policies or of campus regulations concerning student organization, traffics, the use of College facilities, or the time, place and manner of public expression.
  10. Use, possession, sale or distribution of narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs or substances, or any poison classified as such by Section 4160 of the Business and Professional Code on College property or at any College sponsored event, or appearance on campus or at College sponsored event after illegal use of narcotic, dangerous drug, or any intoxicant (Schedule D Sec.4160 B.P.C.).
  11. Use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages on College property, at any College sponsored event, or appearance on campus or at any College sponsored event after consuming alcoholic beverages.
  12. Disorderly, lewd, indecent or obscene conduct on College owned or controlled property or at College sponsored or supervised functions.
  13. Continued disruptive behavior, failure to comply with directions of College officials acting in the performance of their duties, continued willful disobedience, habitual profanity or vulgarity, open and persistent defiance of authority or persistent abuse of College personnel requiring inordinate drains on staff time, resources and supervision.
  14. Possession and use of any deadly weapon, threatening persons on College property or at College sponsored event (P.C.245).
  15. Assault, battery, or any threat of force or violence upon a student or College personnel.
  16. Persistent, serious misconduct where other means of correction have failed to bring about proper conduct (E.C. Sec. 76033).
  17. Failure to observe precautions which the College deems necessary to insure the safety of the student or others.
  18. Sexual assault or related physical abuse including rape, forced sodomy, forced oral copulation, rape by a foreign object, sexual battery, threat of sexual assault, or conduct that threatens the health and safety of another person.

The records regarding disciplinary action and decision or any appeals of any student or students found guilty of violating this conduct standard will be made available to the victim of such assault. (E.C. Sec.76234).

No student shall be removed, suspended, or expelled unless the conduct for which the student is disciplined is related to College activity or College attendance. (E.C. Sec.76034).

Any violation or violations of any law, ordinance, regulation, or rule regulating or pertaining to the parking of vehicles shall not be cause of the suspension or expulsion of a student. (E.C. Sec.76034).

The chief administrative employee at a community college shall, prior to the suspension or expulsion of any student, notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the county or city in which the school is situated of any acts of the student which may be in violation of Section 245 of the Penal Code. (E.C. Sec76035).

Santa Rosa Junior College is officially accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges