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Matriculation - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is matriculation?

The Matriculation program provides funding for services which help students achieve their educational and career goals. These include admissions, assessment, orientation, counseling, referral and support services.

What are my rights as a student?

You have the right to the following matriculation services: admissions, assessment and placement testing, orientation, advisement and counseling, and follow-up services (when needed).

You are entitled to:

What are my responsibilities as a student?

You have the responsibility to express a broad educational intent at entrance and declare a specific educational goal following the completion of 15 semester units. Perhaps a visit to the Career Center would help if you need information about day-to-day activities on a job and academic preparation. Attend classes regularly and complete assigned coursework. Adhere to all college rules, regulations and policies. Cooperate in the development of a student educational plan within 90 days after declaring a specific educational goal.

Do I have to participate in the Matriculation program?

SRJC Student Services strongly encourages students to participate since research demonstrates that new or new transfer students who take advantage of assessment, orientation and counseling services achieve their educational goals sooner than those students who don't.

Welcome to Santa Rosa Junior College! As you go through the Matriculation process of application, assessment, orientation, advisement, and beginning coursework you will become more familiar with our college. You will find that we have a rich and interesting curriculum, our staff is friendly and helpful, and the SRJC instructors are knowledgeable and very approachable. It is easy to become a college student here by following a few simple steps. In order to take classes at SRJC:

  1. Fill out the SRJC Application using the CCCApply Web site. You will be given your student ID number and PIN code allowing you access to your Student Portal “myCubby” to sign up for classes. All of this information will be sent to you via e-mail which requires that you have a correct and updated e-mail address that you check on a regular basis. Your application data will be entered into our system and you can follow through with the rest of the steps.
  2. Send all high school and college transcripts for all schools you have attended. We use these transcripts to determine prerequisite eligibility prior to your registration date. Ensure that the transcripts are official copies in sealed envelopes. If you do not plan on taking classes with prerequisites and do not wish to get credit for any prior course work, you do not need to submit your transcripts.

New SRJC student (You have graduated or will soon graduate from high school and this is your first time at any college). You must submit an online application and then follow enrollment steps for new college students.

Concurrently enrolled high school student (You will be taking high school and college classes at the same time.) You must submit an application, complete a Concurrent Enrollment Program Request Form, and follow enrollment steps for high school concurrent enrollment students.

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Assessment: Make an appointment or Drop in the Assessment Services Center in Plover Hall to schedule and take the Math, Chemistry & English Assessments to discover the courses at which you would be most successful. It's NOT a test, you won't be graded, and there is no fee. If you already have a U.S. college degree, notify Admissions and Records and you will be exempted from testing. You may still need testing if the classes you want to take have math or English prerequisites.

Orientation: The formal college orientation at SRJC is delivered through Counseling 270 (.5 unit). This class is taught by a counselor who provides information about SRJC academic and vocational programs, special programs, support services, and career opportunities. The counselor also discusses general education patterns and transfer requirements, degree and certificate requirements, grading, and add/drop policies.

Counseling: Counselors help students clarify their goals and provide accurate and timely information about Career Technical Education programs and transfer and degree requirements. New students are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor to create a MAP, My Academic Plan. Continuing students should continue to meet with a counselor at regular intervals to evaluate and adjust their MAP. While creating a MAP, students and counselors will consider educational options together, review requirements, and select appropriate courses and/or options. Students who are on probation or have earned dismissal status are required to meet with a counselor if they intend to enroll in nine or more units.

The regulations are available and complaints may be filed in the office of the Vice President, Student Services in Bertolini Student Center.

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