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Mission Statement

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Started at SRJC in about 2005, the Second Chance Support team concept was inspired by the Second Chance program at City College of San Francisco, which was an official campus grant-funded program housed in and directed by CCSF's EOPS program. Since SRJC does not have the funds to make Second Chance an official campus program, we have decided to call the group the Second Chance Support Team with the following mission:

  1. To provide support and advocacy for formerly incarcerated students trying to turn their lives around through education.
  2. To do outreach to the local detention facilities, the State PACT (Parole and Corrections Team) program, and juvenile hall so that incarcerated individuals become aware of educational opportunities and have a direct link to someone at SRJC to help them get started.
  3. To link formerly incarcerated students and their families to campus resources to help them transition from a culture of incarceration to one of education, and to help them with support services needed to be successful in their educational pursuits.
  4. To educate the greater college community about legislation that affects this student population, and how to better serve formerly incarcerated students both in the classroom and throughout Student Services.

In order to accomplish our mission, the Second Chance Team will attempt to have representatives on the Team from appropriate Student Services programs on campus including Financial Aid, DRD, EOPS, CalWORKs, Student Psychological Services, and College Skills labs. We will also attempt to include on the Team at least one representative from the County jail system, at least one formerly incarcerated student representative, faculty representatives who have an interest in this population and/or teach classes that draw formerly incarcerated students, and at least one administrator from one of the Student Services programs listed above.