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SRJC Bear Cub Trust Members

SRJC Hall of Fame

Founded in 1996, the SRJC Hall of Fame has been inducting members who have achieved excellence and high honors as an athlete, team, coach or community member.  The Hall of Fame committee is dedicated to recognizing and promoting these deserving nominees at an induction ceremony hosted by the Bear Cub Athletic Trust.  

2014 Hall of Fame Class Induction, Saturday March 29th


Please mark your calendars for the induction of the BCAT's Hall of Fame Class of 2014 which will be held on Saturday March 29th, 2014, at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel in Santa Rosa. The following people will be inducted this year: Johnnie Walker (Athlete 1960's), Jason Bender (Athlete 1980's), Majell Aterado (Athlete 2000's), Chelsea Hennan (Athlete 2000's), Susan Souksavath (Athlete 2000's), Scott Ware (Athlete 2000's), and Brad "Yogi" Beare (Special Recognition). There will be a no host bar at 5:30pm, with the dinner and awards beginning at 6:30pm. You can purchase your TICKETS online here. Click here for more information on the 2014 Hall of Fame Induction or call 707-527-4237.

Nominations & Donations

If you would like to nominate a deserving former Bear Cub, please review the Criteria for Induction and download this the Nomination Form.  The form can be emailed or sent to our Athletic Department.

The Hall of Fame dinner and awards ceremony is a self-funded event. No SRJC District or Bear Cub Athletic Trust funding is available to augment overhead. In order to keep admission costs to a reasonable level donations and sponsorships are required. Please help if you can with a personal or company sponsorship. Go Bear Cubs!

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SRJC Athletic Hall of Fame

Class of 1996
Gene Benedetti
Football Athlete, 1930's
Bill Charlesworth
Baseball & Football Athlete, 1940's
George Slender
Baseball, Basketball & Football Athlete, 1950's Jason Franci
Baseball, Basketball & Football Athlete, 1960's Ken Alton
Baseball & Football Athlete, 1970's
Dawn Jump
Basketball, Volleyball & Softball Athlete, 1990's
Clarence "Cook" Sypher
Basketball & Football Coach
Larry Bertolini
Special Recognition, Community Service

Class of 1997
Bob Mastin
Basketball, Football & Track Athlete, 1930's
Bud Van Deren
Football Athlete, 1940's
Marion Sims
Baseball, Basketball & Football Athlete, 1950's Ray Allena
Baseball Athlete, 1960's
Kelvin Chapman
Baseball & Basketball Athlete, 1970's
Trina Burton-Stoughtenborough
Swimming Athlete, 1980's
Bill & Marion Ingram
Special Recognition, Community Service
Clarence "Red" Tauzer
Footballl Coach

Class of 1998
1941 Track Relay Team
Team, 1940's
Al Pisenti
Football & Track Athlete, 1940's
Ron Walters
Basketball & Track Athlete, 1950's
Len Gotshalk
Basketball, Football & Golf Athlete, 1960's
Ken Jones
Basketball Athlete, 1970's
1982 Women's Softball Team
Team, 1980's
Ernestine "Ernie" Smith
Basketball, Field Hockey & Volleyball Coach
Richard "Dick" Blewett
Football & Track Coach

Class of 1999
1949-1950 Football Teams
Team, 1950's
Kenneth Howe M.D.
Special Recognition, Team Physician
L. Reed Walker Jr.
Special Recognition, Team Physician
William "Bill" Archer
Football Coach
Wood "Woody" Osborn
Equipment Manager

Class of 2000
Nort Forsyth
Basketball, Baseball, Tennis & Track
Athlete, 1920's
Walt Forster
Football Athlete, 1930's
Marie Sugiyama
Basketball & Field Hockey Athlete, 1950's
Dennis Bardsley
Wrestling Athlete, 1970's
Ron Kamaka
Basketball & Track Athlete, 1980's
Bill Trumbo
Basketball Coach
Jim Grady
Special Recognition, Announcer
Merle Ross
Special Recognition, Announcer

Class of 2001
Eldon "Bim" Eckman
Basketball, Golf & Track Athlete, 1920's
Bob Acorne
Football, Rugby & Track Athlete, 1930's
Bill Fisher
Track Athlete, 1940's
Tom Louderback
Football Athlete, 1950's
Marshall Brant
Baseball & Basketball Athlete, 1970's
Bob Stockhan
Football Athlete, 1990's
Dede Fritsch-Crayne
Diving Athlete, 1970's
Floyd P. Bailey
Special Recognition, SRJC President 1919-1957

Class of 2002
Earl Singleton
Basketball, Football & Track Athlete, 1930's
1952 Baseball Team
Team, 1950's
Myrel Moore
Basketball, Football & Track Athlete, 1950's
Jim Gray
Basketball & Football Athlete, 1960's
Chuck Fomasi
Football Athlete, 1970's
Maryjane Rizzitello
Basketball, Softball & Volleyball Athlete, 1970's
Dennis DeSoto
Football & Track Athlete, 1980's
Ilsa Bertolini
Basketball & Soccer Athlete, 1990's
Pat Ryan
Track Coach

Class of 2003
Ken Battaglia
Football & Track Athlete, 1930's
Jack Bonetti
Baseball, Basketball & Football Athlete, 1940's
Ben Steele
Football & Track Athlete, 1940's
George Najarian
Basketball, Football & Track Athlete, 1950's
Mary Brown Covington
Basketball & Field Hockey Athlete, 1960's
Brian Bosse
Soccer Athlete, 1970's
Teresa Philopena
Track Athlete, 1970's
Brian Bowles
Wrestling Athlete, 1990's

Class of 2004
1939 Hockey Team
Team, 1930's
Dave Devoto
Football Athlete, 1940's
Bill Turner
Basketball Athlete, 1950's
Bob Borowicz
Golf Athlete, 1970's
Trish Rooney
Basketball & Softball Athlete, 1970's
Chris Elze
Basketball, Softball & Volleyball Athlete, 1980's
Todd Trask
Cross Country Athlete, 1980's
Dr. Roy Mikalson
Special Recognition, SRJC President 1971-1990

Class of 2005
Gil Pedro
Football Athlete, 1950's
Tom Fristoe
Swimming Athlete, 1970's
Dan Magnusen
Tennis Athlete, 1970's
Tina Cavalin
Basketball Athlete, 1980's
Diane Kinney
Basketball, Softball & Volleyball Athlete, 1980's
Brett Magnusson
Baseball Athlete, 1980's
Anna Yamamoto-Waller
Volleyball Athlete, 1990's

Class of 2006
Marv Mays
Football, Baseball, Wrestling & Softball Coach
Ted Dunbar
Football Athlete, 1950's
Dorothy Morita Minagawa
Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey Athlete, 1950's
Ron Stone
Track Athlete, 1960's
Chris Berger
Diving Athlete, 1980's
Barbara (Lanz) McCamish
Softball, Basketball, Volleyball Athlete, 1980's
Derrick White
Football & Baseball Athlete, 1970's

Class of 2007
Bob Miyashiro
Swimming & Water Polo Coach
Joan Fleck
Field Hockey, Basketball & Softball Athlete, 1970's
John Alejos
Football & Baseball Athlete, 1970's
Laurie Beard
Special Recognition
Nicole Findlay
Soccer Athlete, 1990's
1979 Women's Track & Field Relay Team
Class of 2008
Bob Mastin
Rob Garibaldi
Baseball Athlete, 1990's
Harley Miller
Football Athlete, 1970's
Art Liebscher
Football Athlete, 1950's
Donna Buckendahl
Swimming Athlete, 1980's
1988 Women's Basketball Team
Class of 2009
Len Read
Football, Baseball, & Golf Coach/Player
Tom Shephard
Baseball Athlete
Larry Lumpkins
Basketball Athlete
Patty Bird
Softball Athlete
Tia DeSoto
Track Athlete
Rod McMasters
Football Athlete
Kendra Klein
Women's Water Polo Athlete, 2000's
Class of 2010
Bob McCallister
Football & Baseball Athlete, 1960's
Dan Aldridge
Cross Country & Track Athlete, 1970's
Larry Lumpkins
Basketball Athlete, 1970's
Joe Dragseth
Wrestling Athlete, 1980's
Leslie Hayes
Basketball & Softball Athlete, 1980's
Ann Callahan
Special Recognition
Caren Franci
Women's Basketball Coach
Class of 2011
DeeDee Baddeley
Softball, Volleyball, Basketball Athlete, 1980's
Steve Tiedeman
Basketball Athlete, 1970's
1978 Football Team
Rick Call
Special Recognition
Class of 2012
Byron Craighead
Special Recognition
Tom Daniels
Track Athlete, 1950's
David Montano
Wrestling Athlete, 1980's
Jason Craighead
Swimming & Water Polo Athlete, 1990's
Trina Cox
Cross Country & Track Athlete, 2000's
Class of 2014
Official Inductee Announcement
Johnnie Walker
Basketball, Baseball, Football, Athlete, 1960's
Jason Bender
Baseball, Track & Field Athlete, 1980's
Majell Aterado
Soccer Athlete, 2000's
Chelsea Hennan
Water Polo Athlete, 2000's
Susan Souksavath
Tennis Athlete, 2000's
Scott Ware
Football Athlete, 2000's
Brad "Yogi" Beare
Special Recognition

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Class of 2012

Hall of Fame Committee Members

Dawn Jump
Chair (HOF Class of 1996 – Basketball, Softball & Volleyball)
Patty Bird
Co-Chair (HOF Class of 2009 – Softball)
Rick Call
(HOF Class of 2011 – Special Recognition)
Maryjane Ritzzitello
(HOF Class of 2002 – Basketball, Softball & Volleyball)
Ron Myers
KAD Dean/Athletic Director (interim)
Darrell Barbieri
BCAT member
Lenny Wagner
KAD Department Chair – SRJC Football Coach
Bill Fisher
BCAT member
(HOF Class of 2001 – Track)
Byron Craighead
(HOF Class of 2012 – Special Recognition)
Ronda Eisenhauer

Contact Us

For more information please call (707) 527-4237 or submit nominations forms to: Ron Myers at


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