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club sports programs

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Club Sports Programs

Associated Students Associated Students Associated Students
Associated Students Associated Students

Club Sports Philosophy

The philosophy of a Club Sports program is to promote health, physical well-being and the acquisition of physical skill development.

The Club Sports program is part of the Associated Students and Student Affairs Office at Santa Rosa Junior College. Club Sports are designed to serve individual interests in different competitive sports and recreational activities. These interests can be competitive, recreational or instructional in nature. Clubs may represent the college in competition and may conduct intra-club activities such as practice, instruction, social and tournament play.

Club Sport Objectives

Our Club Sports programs are initiated by students, and made available to students by creating club opportunities for the instruction and participation in a wide range of recreational and competitive sports programs which can develop sound lifelong leisure values and skills. To provide an avenue for camaraderie in the SRJC community through common interests, and, to develop a feeling of belonging among individuals in the shared pursuit of leisure interests. To develop leadership by providing opportunities for students to organize, administrate and problem solve for individual clubs and to become officers thereof. A Club Sport is a group of students organized for the purpose of furthering their common interests in an activity through participation and competition. Club Sports are meant to be a learning experience for its members through their involvement in fundraising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting, and scheduling, as well as through the development of skills in their particular club sport. Involvement in a group and team situation helps enhance the student's overall education and therefore contributes to overall student retention and success.

Club Sport Coaches

Sport Club Coaches must be district employees (part or full-time) and are required to sign a Sports Club Coaching Agreement with the Office of Student Affairs. The Coaches are expected to enforce and uphold Student Conduct Standards at Santa Rosa Junior College. Coaches may be proposed by Club Sport/Captains or Teams but final appointment will be authorized by the Dean of Student Affairs or designate. Final approval of any coaches traveling with a Club Sport team rests with the Vice President of Student Services. This person is responsible to be sure that fully stocked First Aid and medical kits are available at all practices and games.

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