Heritage Plaza

The (Memorial) Circle in the Bailey Hall Quad

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Approaching the circle from the south.

Isn't this a beautiful campus?

The wall with it's plaques honoring our special people.
To borrow the words of Randolph Newman, We wish to honor people for "…their long and distinguished service to the College."1

Today we focus on those who lost their life while still working here. "To be eligible to have a name on this plaque…(he/she) must have been full-time, and must have served the college for a minimum of 15 years. If …(he/she) died before serving the full 15 years, it was assumed that he (she) would have served the required time."

1"Santa Rosa Junior College the Years of the Presidency of Randolph Newman 1957-1970" by Randolph Newman

We wish to acknowledge all the hard work, and extra effort the classified staff put into making this an exceptional college to attend. Students here have learned to expect a high degree of excellance, made possible by this wonderful team called "classified staff."

Following are the names and pictures from the plaque and the memories of Colleagues. They are missed. They are much more than just names on a wall. Their legacy is evident in the excellence our campus enjoys.

Unfortunately we have lost others since the wall was dedicated. These new lost heros will be mentioned here, and honored when their names are added to the plague.

Check out each link, and read all that has been said about these special people. You will feel you know them too. It's hard to let go of beautiful people, but as long as we remember them, they are with us.

The Last Plaque honors these "heros."

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Mario Ferro 1985-1995 Dorlinda Lopez 1990-1996

Lee Seghezzi 1983-1998 Pat Tognozzi 1986-1999
Larry Bennett 1976-2001
Cindy Franks 1988-2000

Special people (that I know of) lost to us since the plaque was made:

Ken Aaron Jaquish (July 23, 2003)

Judy Stedman (May 2003)

The names chosen are not arbitrary. Here is a quote from The Insider, August 8, 2003. "Those who passed away while in service (all since 1994, the date the Classified Senate was formed). These plaques will be updated annually for Classified Recognition Week."

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