The new Academic Affairs Procedures web link is the result of Department Chairs wanting a more convenient, more accessible, more current version of the Enchiridion binder. The Academic Affairs Procedures web site is primarily a procedure manual, subject to change. It is available to anyone at the college who finds it useful.

The word "Enchiridion" means "nun's handbook," and from now on our nun's handbook will be electronic. Even in the cloisters, times change.

To access the online materials in this "electronic Enchiridion," please click on the Table of Contents button.

I would especially like to thank Kathy Thornley, adjunct instructor in Applied Technology, for putting us online. I am also grateful to managers and staff from Business Services, Human Resources, Purchasing, Scheduling, and Staff Development who provided valuable information.

I hope that you will find this new format useful and easy to use. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Please email those to me.

Ed Buckley
Academic Affairs
Spring, 2004


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