Overview of Committee:

Meeting Schedule:

Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday each month.

Committee Function:

The Classified Staff Development Committee will represent classified staff in the planning of staff development for Santa Rosa Junior College by reviewing and recommending activities that promote professional development. The purpose of the Classified Staff Development Committee is to participate in the staff development structure as mandated by the State of California, Assembly Bill 2725, by representing the interests and needs of all classified staff at Santa Rosa Junior College.

  1. Involve classified staff in the planning and integration of staff development programs and activities to meet the needs of classified staff and provide training on budget development, personnel procedures, program review, evaluation, and department functioning.

  2. Support programs for personal and professional development.

  3. Assist in the continued development of programs and processes for the recognition of classified staff's contribution within the district including leadership and professional development.

  4. Assess, respond, and incorporate interests and needs into staff development program planning by actively participating in Santa Rosa Junior College staff development program planning.

  5. Provide a centralized means of communication between classified staff and the Staff Development Coordinator and Staff Development Coordinating Committee.

  6. Provide an opportunity to develop individual leadership among the classified staff, as well as to increase the professional standards of its members. This involves planning, promoting and supporting activities that develop or increase the professionalism of the classified staff.

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