Cuesta J03 Conversion Plan

Project Start Date: Thu 6/1/00
Project Finish Date: Fri 4/20/01

as of Sept 15, 2000

Task Description
Assigned ToDurationStart DateFinish Date%Complete
Step 1. Identification
 0 daysWed 1/31/01Wed 1/31/010%
Run reports
Joint1 dayThu 6/1/00Thu 6/1/00100%
Identify course version, repeat codes and repeat groups
Cuesta20 daysThu 6/1/00Fri 7/14/00100%
Create input programs
Tony1 dayThu 6/1/00Fri 7/7/00100%
Enter course versions and repeat groups
Cuesta2 daysMon 7/17/00Fri 7/21/0070%
Identify Speedware user teams
Joint5 daysMon 9/18/00Fri 9/29/0075%
Identify Cuesta software changes
Cuesta30 daysMon 6/12/00Fri 7/28/0080%
User review of Cuesta curric chgs
Cuesta15 daysMon 7/31/00Fri 8/25/00100%
User review of Cuesta reg chgs
Cuesta40 daysMon 7/31/00Fri 9/29/000%
User review of Cuesta other changes
Cuesta120 daysMon 7/31/00Wed 1/31/010%
Step 2. Load development system
 0 daysFri 7/14/00Fri 7/14/00100%
Create account/group/user structure
Joint1 dayThu 6/1/00Fri 6/9/00100%
Download Cuesta db to development
Tony1 dayThu 6/1/00Thu 6/1/00100%
Download Cuesta Speedware designs
Tony1 dayThu 6/1/00Thu 6/1/00100%
Download J.03.02 NSR Cobol programs
Tony1 dayMon 7/10/00Fri 7/14/00100%
Create DEMOJ03 account for users to test software
Tony2 daysThu 6/1/00Fri 6/9/00100%
Step 3. Convert databases
 0 daysFri 8/4/00Fri 8/4/000%
Convert db structure
Tony3 daysMon 6/12/00Wed 7/12/00100%
Tony1 dayThu 6/1/00Thu 6/1/00100%
Identify Cuesta SDDB entries
Joint5 daysThu 6/1/00Fri 6/23/00100%
Add new SDDB entries
Joint2 daysThu 7/13/00Fri 7/14/00100%
Convert Catalog
 0 daysMon 7/17/00Fri 7/21/000%
Populate new items and new course db
Tony5 daysMon 7/24/00Fri 7/28/000%
Verify/revise conversion process
Tony4 daysMon 7/31/00Fri 8/4/000%
Step 4. Modification/Testing
 0 daysFri 3/30/01Fri 3/30/010%
Preliminary test of curriculum and registration programs
Tony3 daysMon 8/7/00Fri 8/11/000%
Prioritize Cuesta changes
Cuesta1 dayMon 7/31/00Fri 8/4/00100%
Modify curriculum programs as necessary
Joint20 daysMon 8/28/00Fri 9/29/000%
Create new VDL for Cuesta reg rules
Joint5 daysMon 10/2/00Fri 10/13/000%
Modify registration progs as necessary
Joint20 daysMon 10/16/00Fri 12/1/000%
Modify Cuesta Speedware progs
Cuesta60 daysMon 8/7/00Fri 12/1/000%
Modify NSR Cobol progs w/ Cuesta changes (approx. 102 of 153 progs)
Cuesta160 daysWed 11/22/00Wed 2/28/010%
Test J.03 on Cuesta converted databases
Joint20 daysThu 3/1/01Fri 3/30/010%
Step 5. WEBReg/Autobahn conversion
 0 daysFri 4/6/01Fri 4/6/010%
Download dev env to Cuesta DEMO
Cuesta3 daysMon 12/4/00Fri 12/8/000%
Examine/modify Cuesta Autobahn apps
Cuesta10 daysMon 12/11/00Fri 1/5/010%
Identify Webreg design enhancements
Cuesta100 daysMon 8/7/00Fri 1/5/010%
Rewrite WEBReg as Autobahn app
Cuesta20 daysMon 1/8/01Wed 2/28/010%
Test WEBReg programs
Cuesta15 daysThu 3/1/01Fri 3/30/010%
Make necessary adjustments to supporting processes
Cuesta7 daysMon 4/2/01Fri 4/6/010%
Document operations manual
Cuesta1 dayMon 4/2/01Fri 4/6/010%
Step 6. User Involvement
 0 daysFri 3/30/01Fri 3/30/010%
Merge J.00 users/teams to J.03 design
Cuesta1 dayMon 9/25/00Fri 9/29/000%
User review of curric enhancements
Cuesta20 daysMon 10/2/00Fri 11/17/000%
User review of reg enhancements
Cuesta20 daysMon 12/4/00Wed 1/31/010%
User review of misc enhancements
Cuesta20 daysThu 3/1/01Fri 3/30/010%
Develop training/user documentation
Joint10 daysMon 3/19/01Fri 3/30/010%
Identify user capabilities/team assignments
Cuesta10 daysMon 3/19/01Fri 3/30/010%
Step 7. Review conversion process
 0 daysFri 4/13/01Fri 4/13/010%
Bundle conversion jobs, designs, etc.
Tony1 dayMon 4/2/01Tue 4/3/010%
Test conversion process
Joint3 daysWed 4/4/01Fri 4/6/010%
Revise conversion process & documentation
Joint5 daysMon 4/9/01Fri 4/13/010%
Step 8. Implementation
 0 daysFri 4/20/01Fri 4/20/010%
Run Conversion Jobs/Progs
Cuesta1 dayMon 4/16/01Mon 4/16/010%
Verify successful conversion
Cuesta3 daysTue 4/17/01Fri 4/20/010%