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How to be a Super Student


Preparing to be an SRJC Student
Check List

  • Apply to SRJC
  • Sign up for Assessment Tests
  • Attend Orientation
  • Seek Counseling
  • Register for Classes
What is your Academic Goal?.

What is Your Academic Goal?

  • If occupational certificates is your goal, see the
    occupational map
  • If transfer is your goal, see the transfer map
Now, this is living!

Schedule Effectively

  • Don’t shcedule back-to-back classes to avoid
    mental burn-out
  • Begin the first day of class
Freedom Without the Boredom

Managing Time for Success

  • How many units to take per semester
  • Use timelines for goals
  • Learn effective calendaring
  • Plan for homework
Freedom Without the Boredom

Tips for In Class

  • Learn effective note taking
  • Be an active learner
Freedom Without the Boredom

Establish a Study Routine

  • Find a quiet place to study
  • Use campus study areas
  • Study during the daytime
  • Schedule breaks
  • Study the hardest subject first

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