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Other Resources

Additional SRJC Resources to Help Students Succeed

The information that you have read led your to important information about tutoring, as well as other direct learning assistance that’s availble to you at SRJC, including different kinds of counseling.

To help you focus on your studies and do well in your classes, SRJC offers many no cost services that will support your success while enrolled.

Financial Aid

If you are like so many students who have trouble paying for college, as well as your living expenses, you can access helpful information on the Financial Aid How to Apply page. You are welcome to visit the Financial Aid Office in Plover Hall on the Santa Rosa Campus or in Jacobs Hall, Room 116, on the Petaluma Campus.

One outstanding financial assistance program that is geared to paying for college is the BOG Waiver (Board of Governors). If your income is low, you can sign up for the BOG so you won’t have to pay fees for any of your classes.

Low income students can also look into the EOPS program at, which offers financial, personal and academic support to students who need it. Students on welfare, in particular, may also qualify to receive a CARE grant through the EOPS Office. Visit the EOPS Web site or call 527-4383. Our new offices are located in the Bertolini Student Center on the Santa Rosa Campus.

Study Skills & Student Success Workshops

Many students entering college find that they must learn new study methods, to “learn how to learn” in college. Since study skills aren’t really taught in many classes, the Counseling Department offers a number of helpful workshops. Please look at your course outlines or talk to a counselor to plan to attend a study skills workshop at no cost.

The Tutoring Centers on the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses offer a large number of short, one day workshops. See the Tutorial Centers page on the College Skills site and the Petaluma Campus Tutorial Centers site. Workshops are also offered at other college sites.

Disability Resources

Many students face a physical, learning, or psychological disability that can make it very challenging as a college student. SRJC has some of the best services in the nation that are specifically designed to help students with such challenges.

If you think you can benefit from the support of Disability Resources, or if you have previously used similar services, contact the DRD Department. With so many people at SRJC who are ready to help, you needn’t face your challenges alone!

Learning Communities

Not only is SRJC is one of the largest community colleges in California, it is one of the finest. Despite its size where new students may find it difficult to meet new friends, SRJC provides many ways for students to connect. To help you develop interpersonal relationships that are often the foundation of success, the College offers several kinds of connected courses and related services that will help you meet many more of your fellow students, instructors, and staff members.

At SRJC there are nearly a dozen Learning Communities offered each semester. As a member of a Learning Community you can take two classes each semester with the same group of students. In this way, you will see your classmates more often, encouraging you to get to know them more quickly and more often. SRJC instructors of these linked classes also work closely together to plan frequent group activities both in and out of class.

The Puente Program is an outstanding Learning Community for students who are headed for ENGL 100 or ENGL. Puente creates opportunities for students to regularly meet with a counselor and a mentor from the community. These skilled and caring individuals offer students insight to their professional and life experiences to help students successfully pursue college and jump start their careers.