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Connie Goldman - Doublet

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THE STILL POINT - curated by Suzanne Lacke

February 4 – March 7, 2013


Connie Goldman, Doublet XII
Oil on Panel / 25.5" x 24" x Two Depths / 2012

Artist Statement

Using a minimalist vocabulary and a reductive aesthetic that emphasizes the importance of space, rhythm, structure, and relations, I make works of art that are concrete and essential approximations of my own emotional and intellectual experiences. The work reflects my interests in architecture, music, science, sculpture, and painting as well as the threads of commonality that run between them.

Most of my work is concerned with the tension between permanence and change, and the Doublets series expands on this theme. It manifests itself in the apparent folding or doubling over of edges and corners of squares, the symbol I use for stability.

In the past several years my life has undergone tremendous change with the deaths of both my parents as well as other members of my close family. It seemed at times as if the building blocks of my life were crashing down around me. My initial instinct was to turn inward, to re-gather my native strengths. Yet at the same time I was able to sense in my situation the opportunity to individuate beyond the point of what I previously considered to be my adult self. I was no longer anyone’s daughter. I stood in no one’s shadow.

The work in the Doublets series embodies the conflicting feelings I have experienced with these life changes. My instinct to self-protect and withdraw has stood in stark contrast to the impetus to open myself up to growth; that is, to unfold and welcome what is yet to come. These shapes seem to be suspended at a critical point, an equilibrium, where they may either crumple up or open up. Thus, while each piece initially suggests a doubling over or an inward collapse, one sees that this is not what is happening. Indeed, no such thing can happen to this resilient and strong support upon which I have laid my colors.

Connie Goldman