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Birk & Pignolet - The 99 Names of God (AK-47 mandala)

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TRADITION OF MAYHEM - Curated by Marna Hill

September 16 – October 17, 2013

The 99 Names of God (AK-47 mandala)

Elyse Pignolet and Sandow Birk,
The 99 Names of God (AK-47 mandala)
2010, ink and gouache on paper, 38" x 50"

Courtesy of the artists, and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco

Artist Statement

The two maps, "A Liberal Map of the World" and "A Conservative Map of the World" were collaborations between Elyse Pognolet and Sandow Birk. Starting with Elyse's simple idea of contrasting the opposites of political views in the U.S., the map visually depicts the two extremes sense of what is important and not important in the world, as well as their place in it.

Our other collaborative drawings are based on "The 99 Most Perfect Names of God" which are found in the Holy Qur'an and are often the subject of decorative arts and calligraphic works in Muslim cultures around the world. In our works, the AK-47, the preferred assault rifle of uprisings and rebellious groups, is presented as an icon or a tool of revolution.

Often collaborating, Elyse and Sandow create works that comment on social issues and political ideas, as well as popular culture, from large scale installations in L.A. Metro stations and SFJAZZ Center, to small works on paper, prints, and ceramic works.