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Esther Traugot - Cotyledon

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MAKING SPECIAL - curated by Gina Telcocci

November 13 – December 12, 2013

Cotyledon - Detail

Esther Traugot, Cotyledon
2011 / 11” X 46” X 87” / copper wire, cotton linen, eco fiberfill, hand-dyed cotton yarn

Artist Statement

I cover objects of nature with crocheted threads in an attempt to “prop up” or “put back” what has been abandoned, broken. As bandage or cozy, these support structures investigate the relationship between nurturing and controlling nature. The meticulous act of crocheting mimics the instinct to nurture and protect what is viable, what is becoming precious. As in gilding, these false “skins” imbue the objects with an assumed desirability or value; the wrapping becomes an act of veneration. Although futile in its attempt at archiving and preservation, it suggests optimism. My interest in the objects extends from the notion of landscape and how we not only experience, but also negotiate with the natural world.

Esther Traugot