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Sandra Ono - Untitled

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MAKING SPECIAL - curated by Gina Telcocci

November 13 – December 12, 2013


Sandra Ono, Untitled
2010 / 7” X 30” X 30” / tinfoil, glue

Artist Statement

I am fascinated with cellular structures, scientific renderings and physiology. The body is a starting point for examining how I digest different experiences and it functions as an interface between material and concept. I often choose inorganic and mass-produced, utilitarian products that come in close contact with the body. I then recontextualize these materials to create nonfunctioning, organic and corporeal forms, using my own body as a reference to determine the scale of my work.

I am drawn to consumer goods because I am interested in the micro and macro consequences of what we consume, and inversely, what consumes us. All of my work is built cell by cell and my process becomes a physical documentation of time. I use repetitive gestures to amass forms and give physical weight and dimension to different internal states. My work investigates the experience that lies between the visceral and the cerebral.

Sandra Ono