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Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor - 50’ Queenie

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MAKING SPECIAL - curated by Gina Telcocci

November 13 – December 12, 2013

50’ Queenie

Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, 50’ Queenie
2013 / 120” X 96” X 60” / cardboard, wood, paper, packing blankets, blankets, bedsheets

photo: John Wilson White

Artist Statement

My interests in the under-noticed yet overwhelming, the marginal yet monumental are informing my studio practice.

Discarded boxes, bed sheets and blankets, gathered and donated from thrift stores and yard sales are cut, re-sewn, wrapped, roped, stiffened, tied and built into objects that seem to be simultaneously shrouded yet exposed, armored and patched but disintegrating, the comfy rendered uncomfortable.

Existing somewhere on a spectrum between elegy and absurdity, the work examines a setting where the cautionary tale, private anxieties and natural history museum dioramas mash-up…and attempts to close the gap between tenderness and the grotesque.

Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor