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mcCleary 01

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November 4 – December 11, 2010

McCleary 1

Dan McCleary — Eric Quintana, Pencil on Bristol paper, 12" x 16"

Artist Statement

Most of the drawings I do are of friends. It is always challenging. Usually I have the model look directly at me. I use an HB pencil and sometimes a B or a 2B for the dark parts. I use Bristol paper. As for the composition, where the head is placed on the page is very important. I have a book of portrait drawings by Degas that I look at constantly. The compositions of his drawings are very considered. The bottom of the nose is almost always at the horizontal midpoint of the paper. The vertical center is usually the inner corner of the right eye. His variations on these devices are interesting and I believe intentional.

There are many other artists I look at. Three are Balthus, Ingres and Mattisse.

I sometimes use photography but prefer to work from life. Each completed drawing takes about six hours. This is divided into three two hour sessions.  Doing the drawings is a great pleasure.

August 2010
Los Angeles

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