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hudson 01

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November 4 – December 11, 2010

Hudson 1

Linda Hudson — Untitled, Pencil, 18" x 24"

Artist Statement

There is something so immediate to life drawing. We who inhabit a body of our own attempt to physically draw or record the model’s body and movement before us.

Life drawings are essentially translations of what we perceive from observing the model. The lines reveal precisely what we can “see” as well as how well we can transfer the form into the 2-D spatial realities and illusion.

Life drawing requires exquisite attention. The artist must be intently aware of the mechanical structural kinetic skeletal system while at the same time finding the poetics of the pose. The artist must decide where on the continuum of movement; from ease and grace, to thrust and force that best describes the emotion of the pose. To see less is to miss the movement, to miss the push and pull of a body in action.

The thrill of this practice comes from the gesture, getting down on paper the fast quick impressions of seeing. The challenge is to discover how much can be closely understood in a very short time. The more extended drawings that follow stay fresh when seen as an attenuated gesture. One stays intent on discerning the subtleties of the pose. All additional marks are part of process of questioning, confirming and, if you are really lucky, revelation.

August 2010
Los Angeles


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